You found your perfect business? This is now HOW you will keep it and growth it


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You have found your business with @Charlie_G1? Yes!? Good, now I will say you how you will keep it make it growth. If not, don’t worry this topic is also for you.

Hi! I’m Walter, certified trainer !

Take a seat, I’ll introduce you to the Process Communication Model. CarefreeFlamboyantJackal-size_restricted

What is Process Communication?

The creator Taibi Kahler

This model was invented by Taibi Kahker, PhD in psychology and expert in Transactional Analysis. In 1977, he received the Eric Berne Memorial Scientific Award from the International Transactional Analysis Association.

The Process Communication Model (PCM)

The Process Communication is in same time, a model of discovery and comprehension of his own and others personality, and a powerful tool in communication.

This model is based on 2 original concepts:

1. There are 6 type of personality

All of us develop more or less characteristics in our life, we all have a type of personality with a basis acquired for your life and a type of phases whose determine your psychological motivation and your reaction when you enter under stress.

2. The process, the way of saying things, is much more important than the content of the message

Process Com is used for?

All the type of personalities has his own codes, language, references. All this type made their own signals when they arrive on the doorway of distress.

When you know that 93% of what we remember in a message is come from non-verbal signals and 7% come the words. It’s an important interest to know signals from others but also for us too.

This comprehension of personalities will give you the keys for developing strategies for an adapted communication, answering the solicitations from peoples and in short term, build a constructive and efficient relations

Personally, this model helped me a better understanding of myself and the people around me. It’s helped me to recognize when I start to be stressed. Plus, with this model I can now interact with my clients or recruiters more efficiently.

Example of stress:

Do you recognize someone in these cases below?

  • The person made a mistake, after that she started to depreciate herself like “I’m very terrible, I really suck” and continued to make stupid mistake.
  • They started to take a deep breath and a highly exhale for made a “Pfffffffff” and said “I do not understand… I try but I really don’t understand” the person seems to have a huge IQ drop and starts inviting other to do or think for them.
  • A person starts to control everything and stop delegate tasks. When the person talks about something, she over details the subject.
  • Another starts to impose their opinion or values, they seem to go in crusade :latin_cross: . In general, they expects others to be perfect, asks complicated questions.
  • A person who withdrawing from the relationship, look becoming transparent with no expression on the face.
  • Another tries to manipulate others, ignore the rules or try to start a conflict with other.

All those comportments are the signal of persons who arrived in high level in stress :anger:


Process communication and the NASA :rocket: :star2: :new_moon:

The process communication was used by the NASA in 70’s for the selection, formation and management of the astronauts. Until this time Taibi Kahler created a Personality Pattern Inventory who’s been statically validated.


Process Communication and prestigious users

The Process Communication Model is not just used by the NASA but also used by big international compagnies in the domains of management, team cohesion, sales, negotiations and coaching.

Example of international company using PCM:
  • Information Technology
    • Microsoft
    • Apple
  • Pharmaceutic
    • Bayer
    • Novartis
  • Cosmetic
    • L’Oréal
    • Shiseido
  • Foods
    • Coca-Colas
    • Danone

This model is used in political marketing to make political speech. Bill Clinton used it to be the 42th president of the United States.


What is the Process Communication for?

For You

It will allow you to identify your strengths and motivations, allows you to manage your energy, increase your flexibility and efficiency in communicating, act on your stress behaviors and make the best use of your personal talents.

For others

Knowing what others need in the relationship. Understanding your own functioning gives you keys to understanding others.

Process Communication applications

  • Personal and professional efficiency for time and stress management, public speaking.
  • In the coaching it brings a great light on the functioning of the individual, to propose action plans and to allow the coach to feel listened to and understood.
  • In team management with individualized and motivational management, team cohesion with the retention of your best employees.
  • For the marketing and commercial relation for building a message understood by the target population, trade relation, telephonic communications with a growth of 17% of your sales with PCM.
  • RH development for helping recruiting people, refine your analyses.

And the list can be longer for applicating it on the activities of:

  • healthcare :hospital:
  • education :school:
  • family :family_man_woman_girl_boy:
  • children :child:

With this formation and a little practice every day you will be able to understand your and others motivation to establish a good communication and identify the signals when you enter in stress :anger: :boom:

So I have something to say for you:

  • Do you want to know the Process Communication ?
  • Do you want to deepen your relationships ?
  • Do you want to have fun with Process Com ?
  • Jump at the opportunity, test there and you will pose your impact
  • Imagine a successful team, where you will have time to think about an innovative solution
  • Do you believe in the interest and value of this model ?

You want more information or you want to join me ? Come in my Telegram channel now !

(This channel is in french)


I tried the Process Communication with Walter.

It helped me to be less stressed in work, and in life in general.

Walter will help you to understand yourself, like what Charlie does. And he will also help you to understand others, and the way they work. Then it’s a good thing when you have to manage employees, or deal with partners.

Also, Walter will give you a kind of plan to implement in your everyday life. This plan will help you to be less stressed in work and in life in general. That’s what I got out of it : some simple actions, in order to have a less stressed life.

Before using the Process Communication, I was regularly stressed and angry for almost nothing. Now I feel better in my life.


Everything looks very interesting!

Tthe way the topic is presented is really aesthetic and pleasing to the eyes. A real gold mine this forum!

Thank you ! :heart: :smile:


Thank you for your message Tsires. I’m glad this formation could helped you a lot.


Thank you for you message Elder.


I also followed the formation, this formation allows us to understand our evolution over time and our way of working, it is a training that I find complementary with the typing of Charlie.

For my part that allowed me to put words into situations and behavior. I strongly recommend the training for anyone who wants to better understand themselves and know the stressful phases that could lower their performance or all simple to get to know each other better


I have been a beta-tester of the Process Com training by Walter, I can relate my experience.

Excellent training for those who want to perform with social intelligence in life. Social intelligence is one of the key skill/element to have in your lifetime, without it you will screw up everything. With it, you will manage to turn everything your way around, the way you want, that is going to benefit you. Life is social interaction. A dumb with social intelligence will have far greater success than a so-called intelligent high IQ person without social cleverness. Process Com will help to build your social intelligence and as a result, a lot of benefits mentioned in the post will stem from that.

Process Com by Walter will give you shortcuts, instead of trying to find out “who you are” or “what you are good at” for decades, and find out too late. The well-detailed questionnaire will find it for you because analysing oneself is tough, you need other’s projection - or better, you use PCM who is an accurate proven model.

The PCM has helped me to build my confidence, manage my international teams, understand others and manoeuvre with an accurate compass through my daily social interaction.

Well done @Walter.H_G3 and BDL bros, go for it!


All my life lmao


Thank you for your message Antoine !!

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Thank Natanael for your message. I really appreciate.

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Time to learn how manage your stress !! What is your opinion about that ?


I just discussed with Walter for more than 1 hour and a half, free of charge.

The conversation was really interesting and productive.

First of all, Walter made me realize what are my 2 main personalities (Imaginer and Harmonizer for those of you who are curious), something that I was not even aware of.

Secondly, he explained to me that we all have ALL the 6 personalities, the only difference is that depending on the person, some personalities will be more developed than some others.

I did not join the training yet, but I can clearly see the added value that you could get by following it:

  • A more efficient control / management of your own stress.
  • Improving your emotional / social intelligence by being able to identify someone’s main personalities, and therefore adapting yourself accordingly.
  • Developing your worst and/or last personalities in order to be able to work more efficiently on some topics or projects that might seem unreachable to you currently.

Once again, I did not start the training yet, but I believe what Walter proposes is the kind of training that I would say “mandatory” for someone who’s looking to develop themselves in the long run.

I mean, how could you possibly grow without even knowing the way you think or behave?

Anyway, I look forward to starting this training, I’m pretty certain it will be amazing.


Thank you for your post.

Just for those who hesitate yet, if someone need a call for an explanation I’ll be glad to give it by phone like I did with @YannickL_G1.

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I shall try meditate I guess


I think you’ll right to meditate about it. You have a starting answers in the Telegram channel

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I had a private coaching with Walter yesterday, few months after the formation.

You have to understrand that the Process Communication course, is provided in content. And there is so much to learn and to remember.

The first time I went into the course, I learned a lot, but didn’t assimilate everything. And the private coaching with Walter helped me to remember these things, and to assimilate them in a better way.

Now I understand how to spot the differents types of personality, in an easier way. He also gave me some exercices in order to spot the types easier.

It will help me to understand people. And to communicate with them, with more efficiency.

Thanks @Walter.H_G3


Thank to you, hope this hours will be gainful for the next step of your project !!


I would highly recommend you to learn about Process Communication if you want to be successful in your personal and professional relationships.

In fact, we all need different kind of things to get motivated.

A private coaching with Walter allowed me to understand more about me, how I work, what I should do to be even more successful and also how I should communicate with others.

This is something that I can use my entire life to manage teams or build strong professional relationships.

All of that while chatting with Walter who has plenty of great anecdotes and knows exactly what to say to make it easy for you to learn and progress.

This is a must-have skill.

Thanks @Walter.H_G3


Thank you @Axel_G2 Axel ^^.

Hope you will soon enjoy the formation too !