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Hello everyone,

I think it’s time for me to start my journey here, as a successful trader/investor & a famous fantasy writer, in order to realize my two main goals : earning 10k$ per month and be a millionaire ! :money_mouth_face:

So, here we go ! :point_right:


I started trading in January 2019

Made few progress during 2020, because I missed a lot of opportunities. I wasn’t ready yet.

And now it starts to look better :


Screenshot of my trading account

There is still a lot of work in order to be totally independent from the system but overall it’s not that bad as an investor. What do you think ? :sweat_smile:


At the same time, I’m writing my first book (fantasy genre) since the end of 2017.

I’ve already finished my manuscript (202 A4 pages). I just need to correct my mistakes. As you can guess, there is a ton of them ! :sweat:

It’s a really slow process but I think that I’m gonna release it pretty soon, as an ebook. :pray:

My plan is to sell this first ebook on my own website. It’ll take some time too, but I’m gonna learn a lot of new things, which is very exciting. :+1:

That’s it !

Any comment is welcome. In the mean time, see you next month for the next entry. :wave:


Hello everyone,

Globally, this month was very positive even if it will be better next.

So, here we go ! :point_right:


Strictly speaking, this was my worst month in term of monthly gain %. But the market was very harsh, this wasn’t a big surprise to me. In fact, I even first thought I won’t get past 500$. :sweat_smile:

At the same moment, I also found great opportunities and bought many good penny stocks with my 2000$ deposit (which also artificially lowered my Annual performance by 20% at the bottom right of the screen). Making, sharing and improving my favourite topic on the forum was of a great help for me in many ways. I’ve done so many researches on new assets and well organized visually all of it. It’ll be my own perfect & useful tool for the future.

I now think I’m well prepared for the next half of the year. It’ll just take what it takes to get another big month like February. I’m patient and confident. I’m gonna earn this ! :+1:

Screenshot of my trading account


I’m still rewriting my first book. It was really quick at first. Then, the middle of June was very bad for working due to the visit from my family and quite some annoyances from it (because of energy stealing…). However, I recovered really fast and the good news is that I’m at the last chapter. I hope to start the ebook creation this month and release it on my own website which I need to make basically from scratch.

That’s it !

As always, any comment is welcome. In the mean time, see you next month for the next entry. :wave:


Hello everyone,

This month was almost a complete disaster. In fact it was.


This month I made zero $. I could have closed some positions to get to around 100$ or so but instead I chose to hold and stand firm in my shit like a captain on his drowning vessel.

I already knew I would get these bad results because I was too greedy in February and March. This is only the consequences of my beginner understanding of stocks. At least, I’ve learned it the hard way. I keep listening to my inner voice “Sell in May and go away”. Yeah, next year now…

However, I still think I will get big results before the end of the year, because the market works in cycle and the downtrend is ending. Also, I got a nice tool for trading efficiently with my Gdoc & Tradingview.


I have to do the final correction before creating my ebook and did only 10% of it. In fact, I was overwhelmed by the unusual weather of this summer.

To explain it shortly, the last 5 years the weather was very hot and dry so I didn’t had to care about the garden during the whole summer. And this early summer was wet with moderate temperatures… Yeah, I have to be my own assistant and personnal gardener. Too much to work properly.

I hope it will be better this month but I do have some doubts. Troubles often tends to pile up, I had a lot of them recently.

Anyway, I’ll keep my head in finishing this work. It’ll just take more time.

That’s it !

Feel free to comment and support me. In the mean time, see you next month for the next entry, as always. :wave:


Hey everybody,

During the past month, I fixed a lot of personnal issues.


This month I almost didn’t earn any money, but the market started to shift in the good direction. I know that my investments will all pay off before the end of the year. Keeping that in mind is a lot reassuring, because from now on, I just need to wait and take my profits each month.

For logical reasons. As you can see, the whole first semester was a slow but steady decline of my income until I made zero $ in July. And it’s slowly taking-off again at the moment. The shape of my profits looks like an inverse gauss curve and it will go the same way for my profits, that’s just how it works. So I have to be psychologically prepared for that. Success on the market is all about reversed psychology. When you win too much it means that you’re about to fail. The same formula applies when you’re making huge losses : In fact, it does mean that you’re about to success once more.


I didn’t write this month. Instead, I fixed all my issues and used the rest of my free time to learn new things. What I’ve done was preparing myself for September in a peaceful manner. And it was a great decision.

Now that my problems are all solved, I’m ready to kick-off this last chapter. My book is reflecting my soul and my soul is quite happy. :+1:

Can you feel my positive energy ?

Feel free to read, like, comment and even share your own experiences if you feel so. At your own risk and perils ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hi everyone,

Last month, I worked hard on myself.


Once again I didn’t earn a lot of money. It’s always because of my past greediness earlier this year. I already explained that many times on my precedent entries. Still, I’ve made a little chart so it’ll be more clear and entertaining for you, who’re just discovering me right now.

My earnings follow a simple sinusoidal curve. I’ll earn a lot of money in the next months, in that i’m pretty confident. But the most important matter will be to be prepared for what’s coming next. In fact, when I’m earning a lot of money, I do have to be psychologicaly aware of my iminent downfall. So it’s all about mindtricks ! :brain:


I started to write a lot in order to finish my book. At first, it was really hard to be focussed on this task and I felt anxious about my slow progresses. But then, near the end of this month, I went to a physical therapist and she healed me with her hands in order to increase my energy levels. It worked really well and I’m currently making very good progresses. I can still see some flaws in my book, but the quality of my writings has improved to feet with my goals. And you know what ? After all this years writing this first book, I’ll have to let it go at some point, when I’m gonna release it in public. That’s my main goal for this year. :dizzy:

Among other things…

I discovered a new trading technique. We’ll see the result of it in early January 2022. In the mean time, see you next month !


Hi everybody,

I decided to make my monthly report a bit earlier this month, because it’s the week-end and I won’t earn more money during the last two days of October.


For once, I earned a bit of money. It won’t seem much for you but it already fully cover all of my expenses. You gotta know that I’m living like a monk in my temple-house. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I missed the opportunity to earn 200$ more. But eyy, that’s part of the game. :wink:

What matters is that my projected income is still going in an upward trend. I’m pretty confident.


I wrote a lot during the whole month (which isn’t finished yet). I estimate my current progress on the final version of the book at 25%. I’m quite happy because I’m giving up on what I’ve already done and the quality is also correct for a first little baby :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If I keep this rhythm I’ll be able to release it before 2022. It’ll be amazing because I can’t wait to write the second tome ! :triumph:

Personal life…

I’ll meet my physical therapist in four days. I hope that she’ll be able to finish the healing on my body. Her hands worked great the last time and it helped me a lot for October, that’s just how I feel it.

Among other things, I’ve decided to break with my french state girlfriend because she’s pissing me off with her religious zealotism (sanitary measures). Short story short, I had an appointment in order to make a professional assessment. This is useless and boring as fuck because I’m already doing many activities. But it’s not considered as a “job” or as “seeking a job” (I’m officially unemployed). Since the beginning of this madness, I never had to wear a mask even when it’s obligatory. To be honest, covidism isn’t my religion and I don’t give a shit about covidiots. As such, I had to cancel the appointment because the woman on the phone was hysteric about it.

Do you wanna know how I feel ? Well, I feel released even if I won’t benefit from the french state’s free income anymore ! Am I crazy ? Maybe… but at least I’m a free man and I’m starting to earn enough money to make a living from my passions.

With the release of my book and the passive income from trading, I know I’ll be at peace with myself once and for good. I won’t sell my freedom for some poor girlish insecurities.

What’s next ?

I still have a lot of work. I’m fully working everyday and I’m motivated. In the mean time, see you next month to follow the next chapter of my adventures. :wave:


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Good morning everyone,

I, once again, decided to make my monthly report a bit earlier. Like last month, it’s easier for me to write this week-end and I also think that I won’t earn more money during the last four days of this November.


The good news is that I’m back on track and I even allowed myself to take back 200$ as a personnal payment (for the first time in 3 years). I did so in order to be able to get a gift for my birthday. :partying_face:

The ROI was excellent untill the middle of the month. Then, I didn’t earn much more because I did some big mistakes (greediness as always !) and I was really focussed on my other work (which isn’t a bad thing !). Don’t worry, though, I just have to be patient. Bad news is December won’t be as great as November, except if there is some market miracle which I don’t believe in, yet.


I decided to redraw the map myself. Here is a glimpse of this new unfinished map :


I also wrote a lot during the whole month. I estimate my current progress on the final version of the book at 45% and I’m hoping to reach 50% before the end of the month. For now, it’s a bit less than last month because I had quite more tasks with trading, redrawing the map of the book and finding an illustrator for the cover.

Speaking of which… I don’t like to work with people who :

:diamonds: Doesn’t listen what I’m telling them

:diamonds: Thinks I’m a fool

:diamonds: Tries to cheat me

:diamonds: Pushes me to sign at all cost (and fast, fast, please !)

No, I don’t and will never sign for this !

If I can’t find a proper illustrator, I’ll draw the cover myself at the cost of more working time…

Personal life !

I’m much more organized since I bought a white board.

I like to write little things like this to feel the positive vibes in my workspace :heart_eyes:

Among other things, I’ll make another appointment with my physical therapist in December. She’s done a great job at rising my energy level for mid-longterm purposes.

What’s next ?

Even if I’ll keep this rhythm, I won’t be able to release my book before 2022. It’s just a fact. No bad feelings about it.

Sooooooo… I still have a lot of work. I’m fully working everyday and I’m motivated. In the mean time, see you next month for the last entry of this year. :wave:

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