Wolfa - 19 y.o - Futur Junior Developer

Hello, I am Wolfa, a 19-year-old student at Sorbonne University in Paris. My branch is IT/Computer sciences.

But honestly, I don’t think I will end up my studies because I’v the same opinion than JM or Tugan on studies : Bullshit waste of time. Indeed that’s boring and the level is too slow compared to what I expected.

What’s more, I am a man, and I want to become a free man. I want to start earning money by myself and I don’t wanna depend to my parents anymore.

This is why some months ago, I started to build my skills in web development (back and front), and then making a qualitative web application (From scratch on symfony framework) that will allow me to bring a proof I’m good. (I’ll finish it very soon)

Indeed, my short-term goal is to start working as a web freelance developer. And once I’ll be financially independant, I will work on personal projects.

Actually I really appreciate the community’s mindset and I hope we will be in a mutual help aproach.



Welcome brother

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Welcome Wolfa.

Your opinion about study may be right for zombie sector like Tourism or other shit. But for IT and engineering sector, it’s another story (IMHO).

Everybody is going to digitalization era, meaning that more IT will be needed, and implicitly more IT guys. By IT guy, I mean Technical guy not the commercial-management people.

I did a bachelor in IT and I do not regret it. While some courses do not help me in my every day job as programmer, I have some understanding that help me to discuss with other IT guys (sysadmin, network, dba…). Sure you can self-learn on internet but it requires a very good discipline, time management…

I’m not your parents but if you can reach that school (with the budget of your parent), self learn how to make money and do these two in parallel, that’s full of benefit for you. If you need to work in McDo to pay your study, well that’s another story that i would not recommend.

Except if you do an excellent work and you can sell yourself to be engaged, a piece of paper has some advantage for recruiter; but indeed, it does not assure you a good futur as a free man.

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