Who Wants To Create a Work's Group?

Hello guys !

I was looking to join a work’s group here, unfortunately I didn’t find groups recruting for the moment.

So… I would create my own group of work.

Conditions : Maximum 6 peoples.

We wake up at 5:30am.

Call at 6:00am

At 11:00am, we make a call to discuss what we did.

Anyone interested ?

With love and fraternity,



Hi Matt,

i’m really motivated by your idea, also i wont be able everyday to be present at 11am, i will have few days per week some business meeting. But when i’ll miss it i could give uptade of what i’ve done on the morning.

is it ok ?

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Hey, Matt, I’m interested in this and what’s the job?

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Hey Mehdi, I sent you a MP :slight_smile:

I’ll contact you in MP !

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Fine !