Which limit of timing for follow the canal satoshi?

Hi every one !

I have a little doubt. because on my planet side, the post from satoshi chanel arrive around 01h00 AM. and at this hour i’m sleeping… so i see it on the morning, but at this moment i’m thinking : " ok it’s to late now"

so… my question is : how many time do we have to follow the new pos of instruction from satoshi channel ? for example, is the advice are still good after 7 hours or should i have to wait for the next day for a better timing ?

Thank a lot bros


you can use the signals, but you will be less profitable on the short sinals. I’m in the same case as you, I try to get up at 1 a.m. (I can afford it)

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The sooner the better. But when it’s really too late you will see “THIS SIGNAL HAS EXPIRED”


Same thing fo me I have my Brazilian jiutjitsu course around 7am to 8:30 every morning. Do you think a delay of two hour before make adjustments in my wallet is really bad?

Many thanks

I think you are worrying about nothing. As @Lorenzo-G2 just said, you can follow the signal as long as it has not expired.

Even if the volatilities are higher than in Forex for example, we are not at an hourly rate.