Where to settle? — The ultimate guide to traveling and finding a home (Croatia - Montenegro - Serbia)

Thanks for your answer

  • First of all, I need to escape from France even for few months haha.
  • I’d love to discover many countries, more in the south, as I am definetely a sun person. Portugal, Andalousia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Greece, Balkans countries…
  • It would be a discover country, maybe for future expatriation. So I’d like to see nice landscape, countryside, but also cities where I could stay few days or weeks.
    I might even leave my van in secure city place and rent airBnB sometimes…
  • For cities, the main issue will be to park the van, as it is not a tiny one like Transporter. It is a Jumper L3H2 so it is 6 meters long and 2,5 meters high. But it’s definitely smaller than Camping Car. It’s a kind of good compromise.

Question is: Is it safe enough according to you to do such a trip in Europe in 2021 :slight_smile: ?
For example, I wouldn’t leave my van 1 hour in some Frankistan places near Paris or Marseilles…

Also Vanlife in France and some other countires is not as easy as it used to be decades ago.

Mine will be fully equipped. Bathroom, toilet, kitchen with oven, very confortable fix bed (190x130), solar system… WIFI from the phone.
So it is half expatriation prospecting, half tourism.

I do have some budget and time to do so at least 4 months in a year.

Thanks for the places you shared, I’ll keep in mind

Cheers :pray:

Portugal and Andalusia are nice places, but if you have a van, you’ll have to pass through France to reach the East.

Yes, then, I definitely advise you to focus on the cities and escape to the nature once in a while. Nearby almost all the big cities in the places you mentioned, I am sure you can find pleasant cities with gorgeous nature nearby (depends on the landscapes you like also but you’ll find both the sea, mountains and sometimes, the two at the same time). If taxes is not a subject for a potential expatriation, then you definitely have to go to Split, Croatia.

Short answer: yes, no problem in all the locations you mentioned, as far as I’m concerned.


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Yes that’s ok, I want to escape from France but not from the police :rofl:

Yes sure.
I also need holidays :slightly_smiling_face:, so it would be half relax discovering trip (landscape, countryside, relaxing…). and half expatriation prospection trip. Just need to feel some freedom and no stress.

I’ll show you what the van look like when it’s finished. I have to work on it at least until beggining of 2022 i guess.

Regards :pray:


I traveled in a van in the south of Eastern Europe for about 1 year.

Contact me on Telegram I’ll give you some info.


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Thanks for your feedback!

On the point of the flat and boring campaign, I saw the same thing in the Czech Republic.

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