What's the best way to secure my capital in Central/Eastern Europe?

Hi , i have finally decided to leave France and sell everything i had there.

I am actually in Budapest and i would like to invest/secure my capital (approximatively 50K€) , but now i just realize how complicated it is to buy an appartment here for that price, even if Budapest stay one of the cheapest capital in Europe…

My main idea is still to buy an appartment somewhere in Central/Eastern Europe

What would you do if you were me ?! (i know that i am little bit old school , but i don’t have any entrepeuneurship’s project in wich i would like to invest :confused: )

PS : I stay openminded , and not only focused on Hungary , but i just thought it was the best choice

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Bulgarian real estate is way more attractive. You can have a great 50m2 entirely furnished for 300€ in Varna (seaside).