What to eat for breakfast to be productive?

Hi guys. As a coach, I’m also interested in healthy living and optimising our cognitive abilities, just like you.

Along with the morning ritual and deepwork, food plays a role in concentration. :brain:

Here I share my experience with you. I advise you to try this model, if it worked for me, it will work for you.

To be productive, I decide to eat after my first deepwork. This allows my blood to go only to my brain and not to my stomach. This practice is called “sequential fasting”. You make a breakfast, but a few hours after you wake up.

When I eat, I am careful not to eat too many carbohydrates in the morning. Carbohydrates promote post-prandial sleepiness, so I prefer to eat them in the evening (it promotes sleep but that’s not the point). Although the brain needs carbs to function, there is no need to eat them just before your work sessions (your body can create glucose from other macro nutrients than carbs).

So I eat a breakfast rich in protein and fat. This not only helps my muscle growth and testosterone production, but also helps my concentration. Fats greatly improve concentration skills (well, don’t stuff yourself with butter), because not all fats are created equal.

But here is a typical example of a breakfast that literally boosts my productivity :

  • 3 eggs :fried_egg:
  • 50g smoked salmon (it’s a luxury, but our health is our most precious asset) :fish:
  • 100g of avocado :avocado:
  • 20g of cashew nuts :peanuts:(sorry, I don’t have good emoji)
  • 5g of olive oil :oil_drum:
  • A kiwi fruit :kiwi_fruit:
  • 10g square of 85% chocolate (do not go below 80%, maximum). :chocolate_bar:

You have about :

  1. 40g of protein
  2. 40g of fat
  3. 20g of carbohydrates
  4. 600 calories

The kiwi is there to provide vitamins (it contains 17!)

Test it.

Nothing is left to chance: putting in a lot of fat in the morning means less fat in the evening. This encourages sleep… and therefore your productivity the next day.

If you train at the end of the morning or in the afternoon, this gives you time to optimise your food window with excellent protein assimilation.

Have a good breakfast brothers ! :slight_smile:

P.S. Smoked salmon can be omitted for economic reasons, it will do. Go all out on the spices. Bonus for those who add garlic (promotes testosterone).


Thank you very much! :smiley:

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It’s a pleasure, let me know if you test! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much ! It will help me :wink:


You’re welcome to, let me know last week if you test :wink:


I have heard that eggs have not the same properties depending of how they’re cooked and they’re better hard-boiled.

What do you recommend?


What you say is super interesting and I’m glad to see such a question !

For eggs to be fully assimilated by the body, the yolk should not be overcooked. It should remain “slimy”. The white can be more cooked. :slight_smile:

So in order of preference (wee talk about over-optimized, eating eggs is already great) here’s the list:

fried eggs > soft-boiled eggs > poached eggs > scrambled eggs > hard-boiled eggs


For my part, it may sound counter-productive, but fasting in the morning made me more productive.

So I suggest anyone who hasn’t try to do it and see how it works.


If you are not someone who is hungry in the morning and you don’t have a tiring activity in the morning (sport, leading a class, face to face meetings), fasting can be great ! :smiley:

When I say strenuous, I mean burning calories, of course sitting down is strenuous but it’s not as energetic as being a sports coach and leading classes.

Make sure you get all your protein, vitamins and minerals though. Not always easy when you cut out a meal.

Good luck bro !


For my part, I love “Poultry milk” :

  • 2 raw eggs (full)
  • 1 glass of raw milk
  • 1 tea spoon of honey
  • note 1 : Pressed honey is better than centrifuge one but more expensive et very difficult to find
  • note 2 : It could be difficult to your digestive system at start
  • note 3 : I should add some berries

When I worked my ass off for assholes in a swiss startup, I used to delay a lot lunch time.

It happened more than once that I ate at 2 or 3 pm.

Indeed I feel a big energy down after eating, and all my productive work was done in the morning.

I was extremely productive but I won’t advise such thing on a regular basis, only from time to time when you need it.

Maybe the best combo would be to it your breakfast but delay it at 10 am, then eat around 1. Then the afternoon is practically useless anyway.


@Julien_B_G4 Excellent ideas the small berries! Filled with vitamins, you are sure to reach your daily quota.


@MarcoAurelio Work a little and eat later, we agree on that! I think that over given periods of time (example: 1 week of hard work because product launch), having modifications can be super interesting. Like trying to skip breakfast to be fully focused.

And not only on nutrition, on sleep too it must be interesting to modify on a week!


@Flavio_G4 What do you think of peanut butter ? I am not craving for food for the next 4-5 hours after a couple of toasts with peanut butter.


f it fills you up, it’s great! At the same time, it is ultra-caloric.

If you’re looking to gain weight, I recommend it.

If you want to lose/maintain your weight, you’ll have to see. If you can manage it, it’s ok. But many will have done and explode their calories with lipids not necessarily of very high quality :slight_smile:


Hi I have a question

Why do you eat dark chocolate in the morning ?

I tell you this because there is a competition of absorption in the Hematoencephalic barrier with tryptophane (amino acid of the dark chocolaté) and L-tyrosine (from the eggs)

For the ones who read L-tyrosine is useful for dopamine and noradrenaline, the morning neuromediators Tryptophane is the precursor of serotonine and melatonine, in the end of the day.

It’s a very good breakfast otherwise


If only my clients had this kind of question!

I understand what you mean, but think of it this way: the dosage of dark chocolate is so low that it will have no effect. Otherwise, you should avoid eating foods high in iron/zinc/calcium/magnesium to optimize absorption.

So, set yourself at least 4 meals a day. Do not eat spinach, shrimp, and all those foods that contain magnesium, iron etc.

If you want to play on your melatonin, eat your dark chocolate at night. Magnesium helps you sleep :smiley: