What Future for the CHECOIN?

Dear all :

CHECOIN is a magnificent marketing coin

No doubt about that

But… look at the charts this morning : https://poocoin.app/tokens/0x54626300818e5c5b44db0fcf45ba4943ca89a9e2

in a 1 hour/graph : the price has fallen down

That means that the weak hands have been rebought by the strong hands

This is what happens to 99% of the tokens listed in the DeFi space

For most people : the DeFi-space is a shark pool where all of the greedys are putting money in & out to make fast cash.

Why ?

Because it is an OTC market (=non regulated)

Offer & demand is made by the investors themselves !!!

There’s no liquidity provider backing up that business : if it would be it 'll be a broker of asset-Trading

And then you have charts like this after “the run of Attilas and their earth-burnt”… What else Lads ?

Think about that when some big ones will put some money in : all of the smalls will FOMO back and when the big ones will take profits one-shot : all of the small ones will lose their money

So you will tell me in that case : "Man : is there a future for the CHECOIN ? "

Yes ! The CHECOIN could switch from a ponzi scheme to a more secured one if (and only if) :

  • they will remove the BNB from their pair and collate it to a stable coin like USDT/BUSD
  • they will consolidate their charts by applying a buyback strategy coupled with a revenue stream made from broker’s rebates (Market-making service based on in-house algorithms))
  • they will apply a strict policy of Take profits and manage it for their investors (ex. no more than 5% TP each month per investor transferred by their admins to the client’s wallets)
  • they will multiply sources of passive incomes to food their charts

That’s what we’ve done in my company for our previous tokens still alive

We provide to our investors :

  • no market exposure
  • no risk (95% of our revenues are generated from passive incomes)
  • no volatility : we are collated to stable coins

For our new token : we applied that fair & experienced discipline we’ve accumulated during years in the DeFi for being sure everybody will make a X20

People never speculate in our products but invest

We take passive incomes from masternodes, broker rebates, staking and transactions made with our payment links to websites Ecommerce

Our business model is solid

The big asset of CHECOIN is that the marketing is very well made…but it’s not sufficient on a middle-term / long term approach

The best advice for them is that they should start following these advices now before the end of the party

When big ones will come and take their profits one shot : that’ll be the end of the hype Believe me it’s always like that in the DeFi space

I know what I’m talking about : in the last month of May one of our token that was coupled to the ETH have lost 41% of its liquidity - like many others in the market

We have learnt since then and have changed our strategy

For our clients : we have X10 their token allocation and have restarted the price where it has stopped at 67$ (today price is of : 657$ in 1,5 month !)

We’ve been wise to do it and we strongly recommend to the CHECOIN team to follow these advices is they want to survive

Look at the charts : everybody took profits on a greedy session and the price has fallen like the butter under the Sun…


Of course : big ones will rebuy and the roll will turn on their advantage (like always) leaving the small ones angry and desperated…


Except that here you need to be even more profitable with entrance/exit fees.

But overall as you looks really solid on this I suggest (you probably did it already) to contact them. You could help them to improve the weak points you can see in their projet.

Good luck.


Hi Warren :

absolutely ! I’ve sent a mail to JM Corda to warn him about that

CHECOIN project is stellar but still have stressful weak points that need an immediate cure to survive

I offer my help generously : it’s all OK

The only thing I say is all about the trust built towards that community that could become endangered as time passing by

People who invest in you and us need to keep that trust

I’ll be happy to give a help


So you are or will collaborate with them? As I was just telling them privately about your apparent expertise to be evaluated as potential help.


I’ve had 2 calls with JM

and warned him by email yesterday


Good luck then, I hope all together guys you can reinforce the good potential of it, it would be a pity to waste it.

:nazar_amulet: :handshake: :building_construction:


Thank you Warren

It is…! Building up a so large community requires too many efforts and time

Might be sad to waste so much human investment

I’m not a pope, a Messiah or a lesson-giver

But I humbly have still things to learn from new-tech marketing

That’s why I am here : to learn about Frogtech quite soon !!!


I hold because the project is solid :rofl:


Hi Max_G2 : many thanks for your very accurate questions ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

All apologies : I will delete the topic about my private sale

It seems as if I’d like to promote myself which is not my purpose as I am targetting companies and not the retail markets

1° : give me an email & I’ll send you the litepaper

2° : any licence ? Yes in Estonia as an operator for managed accounts

3°: names of the previous tokens → FDR, Impulse + nosta, wetrade, civicpower (in partnership)

4° : being listed on those is not necessary. A simple listing at CREX24 is sufficient to start a token in good conditions. Above all : they have a REAL customer support available 24h/24

5° : difference of loss between an asset backed with a BNB and a USDT : yes ! up to 51% or more in case of a bearmarket like it was the case in May 2021

6° : even for a meme token dear. The lack of discipline in the DeFi is responsible of the defiance from the investors and the cause of many losses

7°: you’re not affected in case of a bear or a bull market when you’re backed with a stable coin That’s why boosting your asset with a buyback strategy, a smart AMM with a professional algo, a revenue flows diversified into strong passive income is so important for the duration of your token’s life and maintaining the growth necessary to convince bigger investors & institutionnals

Reach me out there if you want for a video call at your earliest convenience

Contact : clubinvest@mail.com

Whitelist (FR) : Inscription (Whitelist) Token Solidus


Re-Hi Max,

Q&A below :

  1. Which country can you reach ?

    Entire Europe, Middle East & Asia

  2. To start ok, but how do you find people to dump on Crex24, it have <10M volume a day (cg datas) For ex : CREX is for the listing, Dextools.io for the charts Pancakeswap for the operations

    Solidus is made on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

  3. My point is that many project did rise because of being backed by a native token

    True but no longer an ultimate & absolute truth, other ways now exist…

  4. Defiance of funds that I know is because they can’t understand DeFi, they act as my grandmother on a computer when I show to them and for bigger one is because there is not enough liquidity to be worth it, they don’t care about winning few dozens of millions

True but they do not look only the financial aspect

More & more the fundamentals are analysed and being taken into account

  1. How much is the max allocation on Solidus ?

Min is of 1000 SOLS at $0.70/unit

Max is the whole supply available for the presales (700 000 tokens SOLS)


I let big heads bring new solutions. Just with my little knowledge, I want to say in the case of a CHECOIN who’s delivering rewards in a stablecoin, keep an eye on other assets than dollars.

Soon will appear stablecoins based on asian money and “franc suisse”.

On a middle long term I feel very bad about dollars. Euro will follow a crash of dollar I think.


Wise & accurate



Someone from Checoin’s discord server is worried that if everyone hold we’ll end up short of supply, that is to say that there won’t be any checoin left to buy leading to a paralysis of Checoin’s economy.

Could someone explain to me whether it’s possible to buy all the remaining Checoins or not and what would happen in this scenario?


Lol, don’t worry, this is not going to happen. If every body hold, then Checoin just become very scarce, and the price just go up a lot.

But in reality, if the price go up, some people want to start selling (whatever they may say to you). Then if goes down, some people want to buy, etc … This make the price moving.

A situation where every body hold Checoin will not happen so you don’t have to worry.

What would be the point to buy an asset if you never sell it, mostly when it’s a meme coin with such a high risk ? People will sell and you should expect a lots of volatility.


In order to be listed on exchange, you need two pairs ore more. Here we have just the BNB pair. USDT/USDC pair is a good idea, because they are stable coins. By doing this, you will avoid being unlisted from the exchange if they remove a pair (like OST on Binance).


Do we have the details about the CHECOIN party in Sofia ? How to participate ? When ? Where ? Thanks


Hi bro ! The party takes place this evening in Sofia. You have all the details here : https://www.coachcorda.com/checoinpartysofia


Hi guys,

  • 1st thing: Fees matamask/Pancakeswap

I would like to know if someone has a clue about the fees of the duo metamask/pancakeswap utilised by most for this Checoin story?

I feel many guys are lost between the gaz, fees, and settings of the Slippage Tolerance. Some said to put for example the Slippage Tolerance at 20 but a small explanation on what it means, what does it influence etc could be good.

:point_right: It looks like the fees could be very high (an high % of the amount you have) just to re-invest a few dividends. So this story of dividends has to be understood, for example below X BNB amount it is not worth reinvest asap because the fees will be much high for nothing and eat you bnb.

I discussed with a few small Checoin holders and here the examples of transactions where I feel (or i missed something), they are just ripped off by the fees and they should have wait a lot more (until x BNB amount in dividend) to reinvest.

  • A small guy has just received let say 0.0078ish BNB dividend and as he has heard here and there many guys saying you need to reinvest your dividends, it is a nice compounding effect etc (which is true but if you are losing like 30-40% in fees it is quite stupid and it is better to wait) so he has reinvested asap.

see how the numbers and fees looks weird:

  • Mister 1 has 0.0078 BNB dividend, oh super, they said reinvest it so I will do. They said slippage 20% ok I wil do, he is trying everything to buy Che and manage to find where Pancakeswap accept the transaction because he has to find the right amount + fees.

→ In the end from 0.0078 BND he ONLY got 0.0041 BNB utilised for the Checoin, the remaining has been eaten in fees! MORE THAN 50% fees!?

Montant -0.0041 BNB Quantité Max. De Gaz (Unités) 849070 Essence Utilisée (Unités) 736628 Prix du gaz (GWEI) 5 Total 0.007783 BNB

I have received a few other examples that tend to show we do need to undertand all this better, here it is a pity to be obsessed and say only reinvest, coumpounding effect, reinvest guys etc…

So if there are some useful tools for the community (more useful than searching how many BNB dividends you received or to supposedly estimate your dividends per month or year based on a 1-2 weeks biased stats sample but I will speak about this later) it could be to estimate with this pair Metamask/Pancakeswap

  • how to set the slippage (dont tell me they said on the tuto or video it is 20%, yes but why and how is it influencing the fees and the other points)

  • Based on the BNB amount in dividends we have, how to calculate BEFORE, the gaz, fees, slippage and everything not to try 10-15 times to find the amount to enter as BNB in Pancakeswap

  • Also based on the gaz, slippage, fees and all things that influence the total transaction fees, how to see the NET BNB amount I will get (and then the total fees that we will pay).

These are tools and formulas much more crucial in my opinion as many guys are noob and get just ripped off in fees (as the example above of more than 50% of the BNB eaten in fees).

:bulb: So if any crypto expert can help and provide the formula, explanation on the fees and how to calculate them in anticipation.

  • 2nd thing: doing stats and misleading people (noobs) with short view analysis.

Guys, it is great to have a lot of Shill, buzz, people with the desire to help the Checoin, but quite a few communications has been misleading or weak. It has been seen with the Guevarra launch and it has been said already so no point to throw this again on the table.

I have heard and seen a supposed stats projection for how much the dividends will bring you every month year etc. It looks quite a good idea (it is a good idea actually and a good file if build up on real dats and old enough) BUT guys, when you arew doing stats, studying stats, doing projections exactly as when traders are building models, THE DATA SAMPLE…

1-2 weeks only that the Checoin has been launched and you are taking for granted the numbers, total amount of transactions per day which looks asap misleading because when the tool/file has been released, the previous days on which were based the study were:

  • very few (1 week sample is good enough to start thinking what happened will happen again? :thinking:

  • The days taken into account were really special and extreme between the launch, then the Shill effect, then the beginning of the selling streaks, the communication problem making even more panic etc. All these days has been very very active in buy/sell actions because it was the beginning and they can’t be taken as some ‘‘normal days’’ for the future, never…

The proof is that since, in almost a week, the volume of transaction (you know the one that was supposed to be 5M per day avg and that you could already calculate per month or per year) has been reduced more and more. Of course it might be big days again, but many others won’t, at last until the whole community, Shill, and market around the Checoin becomes more mature…

So you can see not to start to dream and believe what people are telling you, don’t take it for granted as without any minimum of experience in statistics and finance I have no clue how this supposed projection tool for your dividends might have been accurate and was just good to mislead you (I am sure not on purpose from the guy who did it) because it has been built on a biased analysis and so short sample of days and data (come on be serious)…

:checkered_flag: So the final word will be that between the word of the mouth and repeated sentence to reinvest asap your dividends (when we can see that for many small holders it means to make some very very bad investement losing more than 50% in fees) + this tool biased and built up on a non existent sample of very few days (again, especially it has been some very special and hot days of action) please guys improve your analaysis capacities and do not throw some quick conclusions or magic ideas/concept without a proper and pro analysis of what your are talking about.

The point is that many many ‘‘monkeys’’ are just eating your words, starts to dream, do anything you are saying but in the end the story, dividends or promised fortunes won’t be the same for them as they are small thus more impacted by the fees % if they are not educated on when/how is it worth to reinvest the dividends (as yes it is potentially interesting) or they are throwing a few K in Checoin thinking they will get passive incomes every month, year based on a badly built file and what if they had done this when the file has been released?

Yet they would have 3-4 days a bit below 5M which was the average promised total volume transaction and 4 other days with a big flop and between 1/4 to more recent days like 1/10 of what they thought they would get easily as passive incomes in dividend?

The one that are communicating at large scale, please guy study what you will expose as many guys will just follow blindly. It might have a larger impact on them and their life than you can imagine.

The ones eating the other’s words as if they were gods or so trustable because they are in a live or on a video please, seat, listen, then check a bit by yourself. It’s been obvious for any middle level noob that the supposed 5M number on what you could trust to get dividends almost all your life was not solid and based on nothing reliable.

After 6 months, 1 year I guess some studies might be good and possible, but yet, just bullsh*t or noob and dangerous analysis. Just go and aks to any trader doing models or backtesting (and he knows his job) what kind of sample he needs at minimum to start to trust a bit the datas :roll_eyes:


Originally thought of as a pump and dump project, checoin has a high probability of not working in the short term and long term, for one simple reason, trading, buying and reselling costs 30% which is not profitable for most traders to make profits. Without traders buying and selling, there is no reward generated, so the project is a dead end that is not competitive compared to a Defi project whose economy is based on liquidity lending. The BSC works because the fees are very low. The ponzi fashion artificially recreated fees to supposedly counter the whales to get out quickly, it doesn’t work, here the holders made a donation to the dumper. Marketing can’t make a project that is not meant to last serious. Of course, there have been other coins that have worked by chance, such as the doge coin, where the investors did not understand anything about crypto. This is very rare because there are 9000 classified cryptos and many others that are not.


Is it worth buying €100.00 of Checoin together at the beginning of each month?