What Bulgaria is worth?

Hello dream team,

It’s decided! I’m going to stop financing the CAF and stoically watch the Great Replacement :woman_with_headscarf: :poop:. I have to say I’m in the front row seat, I live in Paris :mosque:. But not for long. I’m preparing my expatriation. :dove:

I have already visited Portugal :portugal: and Malta :malta: I have one last country to evaluate, a country where there seems to be a strong DBL community. A country where guys eat a whole pig dressed like lords. A country where women are beautiful, and men don’t dress like women. You guessed it, I’m talking about Bulgaria! :bulgaria:

I had a chance to leave this morning so I jumped on the first plane to Sofia. :airplane: I booked a suite at the Best Western Art Plaza until the 25th and would really like to meet some glorious members of the DBL Bulgaria section.

I would like to invite you and offer you a drink to tell me about your journey to Sofia, your tips, your stories and to get to know you. MP me to exchange numbers or give a RDV :call_me_hand:

See you soon mate!