What are your favourite stocks?

:warning: Disclaimer : I’m not a financial advisor. This is only my own stand of view. Do your own research and analysis on the topic. Your responsibility is yours alone, blablabla…

Hello to everyone,

I want to start a quality topic about stocks, as I wasn’t able to find anything like that on the forum. So, here we go ! :point_right:

What are your favourite stocks ?

:diamonds: List the stocks that you like, one at a time.

:diamonds: Please tell us why you like them. It could be because of the technical aspects of the graphic or just because you have a good overall knowledge of the company. It could also be because you believe in their projects or other ethical reasons.

Some reasons about why you should list your favourite stocks :

:diamonds: The main purpose of sharing your favourite stocks with us is to learn about stocks/companies that you haven’t heard anything or little about.

:diamonds: In a manner that could help or give you nice investment/trading opportunities

:diamonds: Because this is a good way to diversify and be less exposed to crypto (which last I’m naturally not against as I also invested a lot on cryptocurrencies)

My own great stocks list :

Cryptocurrency world

Hydrogen market


Electric vehicles

Other high-tech companies

I’ll keep adding new stocks almost everyday ! :grinning:

See you soon and stay tuned ! :wave:


Hi Yannick,

Tell me, do you know crypto-currencies such as Dogecoin? It’s been mocked a lot, but joke or not I’ve done x14 with it! I really like this kind of very volatile crypto that promises emotions.

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Well, this is a bit too much off-topic for me. There are already many other threads on the forum about cryptos. Here we only discuss about stocks in a qualitative way such as presented above. :arrow_heading_up:

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After two (non-consecutive) days without any entry, I’m back with the updates. :construction_worker_man:

Though, I’m thinking about adding more detailled sections and reorganize the body of the text. I’ll do it when it’ll be needed, for a more enjoyable reading. :open_book:


Hello Yannick,

Would love to exchange about stocks as well. I have just opened my account on Degiro I was with IG Index before but since I came back to France, the taxes only allow me to use french brokers (what a dispair) anyway. I am going to redo my portfolio as I sold everything back in March. I was mainly in ETFs but I also had stocks like Total, Barrick, P&G 9not my best buy), Microsoft, Apple, Texas Instrument, Lockeed Martin and others, I had bought all of those stocks during the first dip in March 2020 and in november 2020. I think we are going to see another dip in the next few months with the inflation increasing like crazy like this. Maybe after the frenzy of summer goes down. what do you think?



I’ve just started to get into the very interesting world of stocks, and I have to say that I like too-big-to-fail US and French stocks,

Here is a non-exhaustive list of some stocks I have in my long term and dividend (not a priority) portfolio:

US/FR Stock
  • AT&T
  • Cinccinati financial
  • 3M
  • Caterpillar
  • Exxon Mobil and Chevron
  • LVMH and L’Oreal
  • Dassault Systeme
  • Air liquide (I love this one)

In another long term perspective, I am looking at the Chinese verison of GAFA (These BATX) because I believe in a first world Chinese power. :

BATX Chinese Stock
  • Baidu
  • Alibaba
  • Tencent
  • Xiaomi

And as I’m Swiss, I have Swiss’s stock too :

CH Stock
  • Nestle
  • Novartis and Roche
  • Credit suisse (quite cheap at that time)
  • Zurich Assurance

I underline that I’am a novice in the world of Stock, I’ve planned to have commodities, ETF from developing countries and some Yuan in my portfolio,


Hello Louis,

You took a great opportunity in March 2020 and I congratulate you for that. :+1:

There were already several financial crises this year, or at least for my “penny” stocks and the cryptocurrencies. So yeah why not. It will probably happen before the end of the year.

Take care.

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Hi Air,

I see that you have many large-cap stocks in your portfolio. Those are good assets for security. Of course, you won’t have as much performance as some riskier stocks.

I’m also quite a novice when I go off the beaten track. I just know what to expect from my list of stocks because I’m already well familiar with them. As such, I don’t have anything particular to say except that it’s always better to diversify. In fact, I do have 5 to 10% of my whole capital in physical gold.

Feel free to share more with us in the future. I’m very interested in different opinions & analysis. :+1:


Major visual update !

This week, I wasn’t able to edit correctly my first message on the topic as it was getting more and more confusing to read it in the editor mode. :thinking:

So instead of rewriting it, I made a Gdoc and took screenshots of it to replace the text. If you want, I could also share the link of this Gdoc with you.

Hope that you like the new visuals. :blush:

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Hi guys,

Here are my favs and why, I will try to classify them in order of preference but that s pretty subjective and all of those are TOP ONES to me, i will try to explain why in a quick simple way.


  1. BABA: Alibaba, very cheap at the moment (Trailing PER<20), fondamental in the growth of chinese domestic consumption (Taobao, Tianmao etc) so dont fear the chinese gouv, they need Alibaba to keep the GDP growth. Number one in the cloud in China. Been bought by numerous famous investors in Q1 2021 (Munger, Pabrai, Greg Alexander)

  2. TENCENT: Cheap right now but not as cheap as Baba, as fundamental as you can t live in China without their app, good relations with the governement, leader in video games in China and shareholder in numerous gaming company all over the world (and their positions keep increasing). Big in the personnal financial market as well as you can invest your money from wechat.

  3. LVMH: the French jewel, a bit pricy now so wait for a drop, biggest luxury brands holding in the world, profits are reinvested in the purchase of more brands, high profits from brand with very strong image (hard for newcomers to compete, big moat) that are well reinvested = great compounding effect.

  4. SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS: OK price right now. Dont only think about phones as it s about 10% of their revenues, world leader in memory chips, produce 30% of world TV (with their qled technology), also will get a share of the cake in 5G devices especially for countries who banned Huawei. They got an huge and steadily growing cash flow which is reinvested in producing facilities of a size that would be extremely costly for competitors to rival with, this guarantee a competiting advantage.

Then China Merchants Bank (very profitable as the interests rates are still high, chinese people borrow a lot to afford expensive housing, much more than westerners and at higher rate so banks are rich, and also the 1st “private” bank of the country) , Aeroport de Paris (if you want bet on the exit of the covid), Midea (chinese produced of air conditionner and much more stuff), Vinci (well managed, constructor + concessions manager like highways and airports that are virtually monopolies, more defensive stock though)


CHIK: index fund that track the “MSCI CHINA INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY”, the 50 biggest electronic company in china

3067.HK: Hang Seng Tech index, a bit beaten down since the cancellation of Ant IPO but should do very well in the mid term, exposure to the 30 biggest tech company listed in Hong Kong.

QQQ: same for Nasdaq 100, A famous one.

ICLN: index fund, exposure to green stocks

SOXX: index fund, exposure to semi conductors

SPICHA.SW: follow the Swiss performance index, safe, steady growth and in CHF (daddy s one, the one I use to stake money that I want safe for other projects (buy a property).

Feel free to send your ones and opinions




Hi Nico and thanks for your feedback.

I didn’t know all these ETF. Looks very interesting and I’m gonna study the charts.

Baba is already at minus 33% from ATH and this could be the bottom as the price met some strong long-term support. Nice target, indeed.

See you soon.


One of my favorite stock is : Nestlé

  • Nestlé is the world’s largest food company and the largest industrial company in Switzerland
  • Company is listed in CHF currency, not shitty dollar or Euro
  • Crisis or not, price inflation or not, people will continue to buy food
  • The company offers a yearly dividend, between 2.5%-3%

A good tool to identify largest companies by market capitalization :


Being too much exposed to the dollar is my worst nightmare. At the very least, when I buy a share I own the same number of shares, whatever the money conversion. Still, that’s a good plan of yours, betting on the strong CHF. :+1:

Thanks for sharing with us.

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