WANTED : Video Maker for our DBL Trip in Ukraine ( last spots left)

Hi Guys!

Part 1, I explain the trip ; Part 2, I explain the specific need about videographer

I / About Trip

As you probably know, I’m organizing trips in Ukraine for DBL members only.

The first trip will appear in August, and for those who are not available I’m even planning for September. I have already 8 guys ready to enroll. A trip is for 10 persons maximum.

It’s a trip at the same time for :

  • Business purposes (meeting other brothers from DBL and creating partnerships, access to private mastermind in a penthouse in Kiev the capital of Ukraine, getting acquainted with investments like real estate, etc…)

  • Discovery of a new Eastern Europe Country ( culture, language, nature, sports, girls, local people, and opportunities )

  • Meet DBL members and be part of an adventure with like-minded people only.

  • Bonus : Meet the real Ukrainian Woman and try your chance. By the way, I will present you the process about how to succeed with Ukrainian women. I will give you specific tips to understand how to seduce and win the heart (or the pussy) of an Ukrainian girl.

If you want to participate and you have not yet fulfill the form to propose your participation, you can do it now, by clicking on this link : Voyage DBL Ukraine

II / About Video Maker

As you got it by reading this post : it gonna be AWESOME!

Yes, I want to create an unforgettable travel for all of us guys.

As I rent a luxurious penthouse in a high building in the center of Kiev. As we will work fun and hard all together. As we will meet the prettiest girls of the Planet. As we will go forward all together and improve our level of positive impact on the Earth. → I want all of this to be filmed!

What we can do with a video maker in our trip ?

→ Souvenirs, interviews, testimonials, best of, and photographies as well.

So, if you recognize yourself in it and if you are skilled at recording videos, and videos montages. If you are keen into adventures, business, and freedom, and if you feel the soul of making our trip living longer…

Please, fill the same form just hereby, and I will contact you back to offer you a deal : Voyage DBL Ukraine

Hello @Jeremie.coach-G2

I am interested in your research and fully match your criteria.

I make myself available to discuss it.


Hi @Romgal_G1 , fill the form please, so I can have you on the list and contact you back about the project. Thank you :slight_smile: