Wanted : coach ou advisor in real estate (outside of FR)

Hello, some experts or coach in real estate here ?

I would like to invest outside of FR, around 150-200K. maybe in Estonia or Budapest (we are open to other suggestions).

We target a standard return of 6-7%.

Obviously, you can charge us for the service, we can talk about it in private.

Thanks, A.M.


Hello Hamer,

I have a real estate agency in France, own multiple flats personally and created a company in Estonia last year but finally I chose to settle in Asia for various professional and personal reasons.

Back to the point, I have contacts in real estate in Tallinn, Estonians, including a woman who speaks French perfectly and masters the Estonian real estate market perfectly. She is the one who takes care of my investings in Estonia.

You can write to me if you wish.

Best regards

Hugo [/quote]

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Hi !

I’m here to help you to invest in Ukraine!

But I’m not sure about 6-7%, here it’s hard to find less than 10-12% (I’m serious!)

You can watch DBL live of last week I was presenting Ukraine :slight_smile:

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Communication Lesson

This one ?

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