Vous connaissez cette merde? Putain, je suis qu'un animal / U know dis shit ? Damn I'm just an animal


En vrai c’est super bien fait, ils ont bien fait les maquillages.

Mais le mélange des registres m’empêche à peine de bander.

Suis je un putain de tordu irrémédiablement pervers?

Est ce que je peux bander en bonne conscience puisque tout ceci est joué et faux?


The shit is good, i mean good make up and effects.

Even so dirty and kinda necrophilic my dick still wake up at this OMG

Am I so pervert good for dumpsters?

Is it permit to have boner on it, cauz’ it’s all faked and make up and false?

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I watched a video from Les Phylogynes where he was explaining the fact that, when you start watching porn you will like « soft porn », and the more you get addicted to it, the more you will watch very weird things (interracial, gangbangs…).

If I were you, I would ask my self if I’m not too addicted to porn to casually look those videos.

Now, this type of video is « new », might sounds fun but if you could watch only those type of videos rather than regular porn, I think you should stop watching porn as soon as right now because it’s dangerous for your brain.

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Brooo what is that ?! I wish I’ve never heard that something like this exist :sob:

Please Edit your post and write it in english. I’ll put it invisible until you do that.

It’s an important matter. I’m looking forward to be able to share my position on it with you.

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Well I think that to be aroused by this kind of porn is a kind of divergence. But porn is itself a kind of divergence so you’re totally not a monster.

We live in a divergent society

In life, on should search and find a balance between pulsions of death and pulsions of life. As we live in a society where death pulsions are seen as taboo, it’s normal that our mind have troubles finding balance. Sex designs by essence an ensemble of life pulsions. mixing with death is therefore unhealthy. But of course you shouldn’t have to be ashamed (in fact, thanks for sharing!). I think you’ll overcome this by finding other things that stimulate your death pulsions in an healthier way.

By the way, I really had a good laugh watching these videos. Thanks!

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It’s interesting that you point out this kind of porn,

I agree with JeanMa on various aspects : porn is healthy if you use it sparingly, most guys just masturbate in a few minutes. They don’t watch porn, they consume it. Overall, sex has too be re-learned, because we are being shamed since our childhood about it.

Regarding, horror porn, there is nothing necessarily wrong about the fact that you like it or not, it’s just a « fetish » and if it arouses you and if the woman like it as well (some girls are into really kinky stuff) then why not.

As long as you don’t « force it » on every women it’s seems healthy to me. Of course, I am against any kind of sexploitation, human trafficking and pedophilia : this has to stop but our governments are not acting upon it…

I’m sorry but I’ll have to disagree with you on that.

Porn can never be Healthy, no matter what kind of video or image you watch.

It’s like you were telling me that eating McDonalds could be healthy. Eating McDonalds just once or twice a month will obviously not do you any harm, but neither will it be healthy for your body and your mind.

But here, it’s even far worse than just eating shit foods.

Porn is the BIGGEST and MOST DANGEROUS weapon that has ever been created in order to control the people, and for many reasons. Not only does it fuck up your brain, but it also takes away your sexual energy, this divine resource that allows you to become the ultimate version of yourself, to accomplish and reach your goals.

Please, never start thinking or considering that it’s fine to watch porn, even once a month. Stay far away from this poison, keep your semen, learn to control your sexual desires, and behold how the quality of your life will go through the roof.

And @Celestin_G1_KCDQ, if you’re getting excited by this, there are 2 options : either you have some very strange sexual fantasies, or you have a real porn addiction problem.

In both cases, I’d recommend that you stop watching porn, and if it’s too hard to stop it all at once, then you could start watching softer and softer porn, from amateur couple porn to lesbian porn, from lesbian porn to half naked girls videos/images, and so on.

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Its really fucking weird but I couldnt stop laughing because to be honest it is so fucked up, I’m so surprised there is actually a website about it and indeed it’s really nicely done hahahahhaa i’m dead

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