Vidéo Géorgie : bienvenue chez moi à Batumi!


Okay, don’t tease me about that… Lara Fabian is not my favorite singer :joy:

…but this youtube video shows where I live ! :v:t2:


Awesome ! it really looks like the paradise, with modern city style and cute charme. Quick question (I guess you already talked about it before but really in few words), what are currently your money incomes ? and why you choosen this city ? you already knew it by the past or…? Thanks in advance for your feedback


I lived some times in Nice and I was looking for something closely similar… meaning, sea and mountains, fresh air, an area long enough where I could immediately jogg away from the traffic, low cost of living and furthermore, safety !

When I was young the only ways to learn things were from TV, librairies and school/university… and I spent hours, days and years doing that.

Nowadays you, young people, don’t even need to go to school or universities. EVERYTHING is on internet and if you have two fingers to type on a keyboard you can get access to any kind of information. It’s a wonderful time to be alive and independant ! Be curious intellectually and the world belongs to you :v::four_leaf_clover:

Part of my income are some real estate rentals in Georgia (taxed 5%), stock market and cryptos (taxed 0%). I also own some assets in different countries.



Hi Didier,

I simply wanted to thank you for your testimony on Georgia. Thanks for taking the time to document your daily life, it’s very helpful.



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