Victor - 19yo - Copywriter

Good evening everyone!

I’m a 19-year-old french entrepreneur who strongly thinks that making long and boring studies to be a good slave and earn a shitty wage has never been an option. So, I decided to start my own copywriting business by following Tugan’s courses (Profits Mimétiques, Copy Insider & Email Underground) and by working 24/7, deep work after deep work for the past 12 months. Today, after all these morning rituals and deep work sessions … I’m starting to have some great results and trust me, soon enough, I’ll be a millionaire.

Business aside, I’m currently making the required steps to become an Italian citizen. Because, you know … just in case some crazy communist politicians decided to go the american way and started to tax every French citizen worldwide … I would have a backup plan. For all of this citizenship stuff, I highly recommend you taking a look at Nomad Capitalist’s videos about the subject of nationality by descent (especially if you have an Italian ancestor of any kind because it’s a really simple and laxist program that’s totally worth the effort). And by the way, if you want more infos on the steps I’m currently following, don’t hesitate to reach me out in private.

Anyway, I came to DBL to be surrounded by healthy-minded and sound people with whom I could chill and make business with. I also came here to take my destiny into my own hands and to move to Eastern Europe with all our bros within the next two months before it’s too late to leave the French Goulag. I’ll meet you there!

Thank you for taking the time to read my presentation. I hope you learned something from it.

Keep working hard and never give up, Victor


Welcome Victor! Wish you the best :muscle: