Valik_G4 - 36 yo - Business man

Hello everyone, it is a pleasure to join the community at last.

My name is Valentin but I have taken the nickname “Valik” here because it’s my Russian diminutive.

I’m currently single.

I’m from a french middle class family and my destiny was to build my own family with a classic work in a big private industrial company (slave lifestyle). After multiple long stories with french women and a hard breakup, I have looked the reality in front of me and taked conscience of the following points :

  1. France was a lovely country maybe the best but not anymore and we can be pessimistic for his future -> I must to find a adoption’s land in accordance with my principles
  2. My work is … ok, i’m respected and valued but if I continu I will passed all my working life in slavery for finish frustrated with empty eyes like my olders colleagues -> I must to find a new way for win money, something with a sense, a vocation

After this long brainstorming with the influence of youtube guys like Kublai, JM Corda, Stratpol, I have started to study Russian language by myself to begin with and with a teacher in a Russian cultural association after a few months. Last year, in January I traveled for the first time to Russia (Sochi) for work russian language for two weeks. The food, people, the long legs and blue eyes of my 25 yo Russian teacher finished to convince me of the next step.

So, I am joining DBL to join a brotherhood of motivated people already expatriates or with this goal.

What I can give right now to the community: Everything I know about Russian scholarship applications, for people motivated to take a year of life to learn Pushkin language in a Russian university (that can be a topic if people are interested)

Short-term goals:

  1. Followed the morning routine without making excuses
  2. Continue studying Russian language in Moscow’s university with a student visa and a Russian Federal scholarship (beginning in september if the Covid restrictions are off)
  3. Learn all is possible about website development, video editing with software for the promotion of a future activity

Long-term goals:

  1. Expatriation to Russia with residency status
  2. To be fluent in russian
  3. To build a family
  4. Develop a business in Russia that will bring me a lot of money and help our community (I have I have the idea but it needs to mature)

See you soon Valik


Alright cool

Welcome @Valik_G4

Welcome Valik

Good plan, that’s the easiest way to come to Russia. And to stay legally afterwards.

Будем рады считать тебя в рядах московского отдела DBL.