Valek publicity

hello everyone

Valek just promoted expatriation and communitarianism in his last video

This is good news for us

I quote Valek I hope that some will have taken the initiative to create a micro cos abroad to save France

JM could advertise by quoting from his video

I put a comment under Valek’s video with the DBL link

Do not hesitate to like to reference this commentary

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Hi mate;

IDK man, i think he is already in the same side of us but i can’t assum that : he is youtuber after all, he can’t kill him self like this. Specialy with his friends (raptor, bruno, etc…) because they been clashed too but they can’t loose their dignity like this after their virilists videos.

Like i love say, there is no moral or ethic, simply some differents strategies. Think about that 5mins after back to work because life and freedome are in the work. Don’t spend your precious time of work in these useless comments and be always in the action. At all times and in all circumstances, never stop moving forward.

Brotherly handcheck.


Raptor promoted expatriation too. Papacito start talking about it

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Since some weeks he speak very often about expatriation, he begin to open his eyes and probably think about expatriation very seriously for his futur. But I think for his pride he will never affiliate with DBL community or at least not in the near futur.

I don’t know what raptor and papacito said about expatriation, but for valek he just said “first i was thinking that was abandonment, but now I can imagine that for some people expatriation is like a rescue…”… He didn’t said “I’m for the expatriation and you should do it too”, it’s totally different guys. Ditto for the community principle.

Papacito is already espatried of Toulouse ! he living now somewere in occitanie area…

For reason of is own security you can be sure about it !


papacito’s best friends this right-wing youtuber emigrates to Texas and your speech is very similar to DBL. in the comments of this video we realize that many French people understand it and wish to leave to stop to finance the Communists.

when he left he will surely agree to get in touch with DBL