[Up to 60% commission for You] Cellulite, sweat… and easy money!

Hello everyone,

I’m searching new affiliates in order to promote my funnels in the cellulite, sport and fat losses fields.

The funnels do not target obese people but more the complexed women and the women who is beginning in sport. (The target audience is exclusively composed of women)

We do not have stats yet because we just begin our activity. Our first affiliate who is a fitness center manager post yesterday (10/04/2021) evening, and made 3 sells in only 2 hours.

You can see what I am talking about just below :

Products here are essentially dropshipping products and there are also 2 ebooks in preorder.

The full Products list with descriptions

  • Anticellulite and push-up legging : A legging with particular anticellulite properties due to his special fiber structure. (Dropshipped product)
  • The bra/crop top that go with the Legging in BUMP, only in the Funnel n°1.
  • The “STIMULABS” : Electrical muscle stimulator (Dropshipped product).
  • “La Bible du Fitness Facile au Féminin” (V1.0 in Preorder) : An ebook with sport exercices adapted to the female anatomy, to do at home.
  • The “Pack Fitness Pro” : A pack composed with « La Bible du Fitness Facile au Féminin » and sports accessories such as elastic bands of different resistances, a smartwatch, an AB wheel, a high quality sport carpet. (Dropshipped product)
  • The “Protocole FITBOOK” (V1.0 in Preorder) : An ebook with a clear program for fat losses and soft bodybuilding for women, with the good habits and routines to take, in order to make a real transformation (+ 3 bonus ebooks : A recipe book, a calorie table and an ebook on a mysterious ingredient for fat losses).
  • The “Sculpteur de visage” : The famous Chisell Jaw, to train jaw muscles. (Dropshipped product)
  • The “Top Fitness Minceur” : A neoprene T-shirt, that make sweat a lot, in order to accelerate fat burning. (Dropshipped product)

Structure of the funnels

There are 2 funnels.

The first funnel is quite long and quite aggressive with a ton of upsells and downsells in order to not forget a single cent in profit. The structure is detailed just below:

Break-Even offer (Anticellulite and Push-Up legging) = 19€

BUMP : The crop top/bra that go with it = 17 €

OTO #1 (« STIMULABS ») = 49,90 €

Downsell #1 (“STIMULABS” with 10€ discount) = 39,90 €

OTO #2 (The “Pack Fitness Pro”) = 167 €

Downsell #2 (“La Bible du Fitness Facile au Féminin” (V1.0 in Preorder)) = 47 €

OTO #3 (The “Protocole FITBOOK” (V1.0 in Preorder)) = 37 €

Downsell #3 (The “Protocole FITBOOK” with a 20€ discount) = 17 €

OTO #4 (The “Top fitness minceur”) = 29,90 €

Downsell #4 (The “Top fitness minceur” with 10€ discount) = 19,90 €

OTO #5 (The “Sculpteurs de visage” pack) = 27 €

Downsell #5 (An Individual “Scuplteur de visage” with a medium resistance) = 17 €

Max Cart : 346,90 € (346,90€ x 40% = 138,76€ maximum profits for the affiliate).

I offer 40% commission on all steps of this funnel. This funnel is perfect if you have a mailing list, it will

allow you to maximize your profits.

The second funnel is a short version of the first one with a less important number of products, I just keep in this funnel, all the products that are the most profitable in order to propose 60% commission. This funnel is shorter than the first one, the potential profits are lower, but it allows to make profits faster, and with less risks. I created this funnel for the affiliates who work with ads.

Break-Even offer : Anticellulite and push-up legging = 24,9€

BUMP : “La Bible du fitness facile au féminin” = 37€

OTO #1 (« STIMULABS ») = 49,90 €

Downsell #1 (“STIMULABS” with 10€ discount) = 39,90 €

OTO #3 (The “Protocole FITBOOK” (V1.0 in Preorder)) = 47 €

Downsell #2 : (The “Protocole FITBOOK” (V1.0 in Preorder) with 20€ discount) = 27€

Max Cart : 152,9 € (158,8 € x60% = 95,28 € maximum profits for the affiliate).

I offer 60% commission on all steps of this funnel. This funnel is perfect if you do ads, it will refund quicker your ads fees.

I work with systeme.io, which is, according to me, the easiest way to work with affiliates.

I pay my affiliates every 10th of month using transferwise or paypal, you just have to send traffic on the link generated by systeme.io when you click on “Promouvoir la page”.

I created a soft landing page with a quizz for those who do ads, and a selling page with a capture pop-up for those who have a mailing list and who prefer to send traffic directly on the selling page for higher conversions.

Link to promote the funnel n°1: Funnel COMPLET Fitness/Minceur 100% Féminin

Link to promote the funnel n°2: Funnel COMPLET Fitness/Minceur 100% Féminin_Court 60% commissions

I created for you, creatives for youtube and facebook ads, a short email sequence and more… I let you discover what I prepared for you just here below.

Link to the Google Drive with affiliate resources: Ressources Affiliés - Google Drive

Affiliate Info page (in French): Information Affiliés

If you have any question or request, contact me at : contact@juliecraig.fr

Thank you.