TurtleBeats_G5 - 18yo - Music Producer & Sound Enginer

My name is Léo, I’m 18 years old. I started music by playing drums during 10 years, from my 5 to 15yo. Now I’m a music producer/composer, in particulary for Rap, RnB, & Pop music. Moreover, I recently started to make Electro/House music and to work with Crypto & NFT projects (CheCoin, MoonBoyz NFTs, Unity Project, & others…) My nickname is Turtle Beats.

I live in France, but I work hard to try to go live in Switzerland over the next few years. I’m joinning DBL and this Forum because I believe that this community has an awake vision of reality, and that I could meet and work with professional and sane people.

My short/medium time goals : I want to make my place as a beatmaker in the french rap industry, work with a maximum of Crypto & NFT Projects, and develop my youtube channel and my beats selling business.

Thank you for your time,



The one and only Turtle beats!

The Checoin adventure wouldn’t have been the same without you.


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Hey Welcome man,

I started to learn FL Studio and produce EDM Music too but for fun.

Have a good chance, becoming a famous beatmaker now is very competitive and hard.

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Welcome brother !