Trop de boulot!

Hi everyone !

I have just had a discussion with friends and my girlfriend, that I couldn’t run a dropshipping business, a motorcycle repair business (for my dad doing to repaires) and be a car sales man (employed) at the same time. (I can work 17hours a day without breaking a sweat) Am I nuts or are they stupid ? I have just had a disagreement with my girl friend about it that struggles to keep up with 37hours a week…

Cheers to all !


Hello Bett,

It’s complicated to answer, working 17h a day on 1 thing will make you crazy but because those are 3 very different things, I think you can handle it if :

  • You love at least 2 of those
  • If you’re brain isn’t working 24/24 on all your tasks
  • If you have a good discipline

Anyway, you should never listen to females, they are emotional. Your girlfriend certainly wants you to work less so you can be more with her, but don’t forget that nothing turns women on more than a busy hardworking man.

It was just my opinion, I’m not an expert :wink:


Thanks for your feed back !

I think I’m going to go ahead with the project ! And latest update she has left so plenty of time now :joy:

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