Tristan1 / 19yo / Online business Marketing & Formation

My name is Tristan, i’m 19yo, i have my online business since 2019 and I’m a digital nomad with my girlfriend Julie (28yo).

  • Reason of your arrival ?

I want to join a community and go away from France and moove in Estionia. I think the best way to grow up personnally and do business is to join a group.

  • Long and short term goals ?

My goal for the next two years is to invest in real estate. Once my financial situation is assured by passive income. I want to set up businesses in innovation, especially food, by setting up insect farms.

In the long run, I want to be a multi-millionaire and have a happy family.


Hello @Tristan1, welcome among us!

I hope you will join DBL at the next opening.

See you there!