Trip to Lisbon and surroundings (Portugal)

Hi guys

I just arrived in Lisbon.
First time in Portugal for me. I’ll stay 10 days.
I’ll visit Lisbon and surroundings. I’ll find nice place to relax by the see…

Lil question. Does anyone knows how to find nice girl (escort) ? Bars or online.
I checked on google, but it seems quite expansive, maybe i didn’t find the good website. Is there soemthing like sexmodel for Portugal ?
Looks like it is minimum 150 € for 1 hour. Is it the normal price ? I didn’t find 30 min also.

Was hopping il would be a bit cheaper than Fr.

If there are nice bar where we can meet regular girls also, let me know.

To finish, if there are some DBL guys here in Lisbon, we can go for a drink ?


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Cheaper doesn’t mean better

Why you just go out and discover it by yourself ? :upside_down_face:

I’ve spend the best holidays in Portugal, people are welcoming, beautiful latinas, great food, bacalhau…

Have fun :call_me_hand:


Try to go to the K Urban beach club, you might find some girls there.

After, they have a bar street, called the pink street:

You are almost sure to find what you look for there. The 2 nights I was there, I came home with a different girl, and we had a great night (and it cost me only 3 drinks for the night :slight_smile: )


That’s what i’ll do of course.
Just asking in case there was something great and hard to find. :wink:
I booked a plane and didn’t plan anything at all. :sweat_smile: