Trading robot platform Kryll

Hello to all,

I would like to introduce you to some trading bot that I have been using since February and that I find very efficient.

Personally I recommend trading bots for beginners, it’s much more secure than the simple hold, very simple for beginners who want to trade and learn in parallel.

This is the Kryll platform which allows anyone to rent or create trading bots. It’s a french platform with hundreds of bot available.

The operation is quite simple in a first time you will have to link your Kryll account to your exchange thanks to an APY key (Binance, FTX, Kucoin …). This allows the Kryll bots to place buy and sell orders for you automatically and your money stays safe on your exchange, no risk of scam or other, unlike some bot. (Explanatory videos for the link is available on the platform) Then you can access the marketplace, this is where you will find all the bots available. The bots work on pairs like BTC/USDT for example, you are free to find a pair you like and run a bot on it. Kryll integrates a very useful function which is the backtest, you can test the bots for free over a period of time to see how it reacts, this will help you to decide. I am in a group that has created a software that generates and stores backtests automatically, this could be useful

Now let’s talk about the price, it’s simple you pay maximum (it depends on the price of the strategy) 1.75% of your capital in kryll per month. So if you leave $1000 it will cost you $17.5 in kryll or 44KRL per month.

To buy kryll you can buy it directly on the platform or on kucoin (I recommend kucoin it’s the cheapest)

Finally I will share with you my experience with these bots

here a bot on a pair with leverage. we can see that the bot has managed very well the crash I outperform the hold of 150%

now a bot that will do scalping, even if the pair ranges we see a big profit

finally a “safe” strategy on eth, we don’t lower the hold but when we have a crash the strategy should secure the gains

The robots do not make only gains, but personally thanks to the bot I have superformed BTC of 100% since February which is I find very good especially if you are a beginner.

I put here a video of cryptosam who speaks very well but he preferred to turn to the competitor napbot

If you have any questions do not hesitate, kryll will soon have an update that will allow access to the lever, I am a beta tester now and I recommend it only for experienced people.

Good luck in your investment