Tony_G5 - 22 - Coordination

Greetings brothers,

My name’s Tony, I’m 22 & actually living in France.

I’m really proud to join DBL community.

About me :

Everything started 7 years ago,

Clicking around on some artistic softwares, I’ve met the great dudes & started working for eSports organisations.

Years have passed, had the chance to meet some known french influencers, then had the opportunity to work with them on their youtube content as their content editor.

I had to start my own audiovisual society, I couldn’t bear the pressure, with all the weird stuff going around. ( pretty weird environment )

Meanswhile, I’ve been working for some cryptocurrencies projects as a moderator.

With the time, I got the opportunity to work for FrogTech for their coordinator side, and Unity for some management stuff.

I also make some “funny” crypto content on Youtube on my dead-time, it’s letting me stay productive.

Tonight, I’ve finally decided to cross the line and join DBL.

Main reason for coming is the determination to develop myself in a better way, And become the best version of myself.

I’m someone patient, calm and " kind of " extroverted.

  • Short-term would be leaving France to live in Eastern Europe,
  • Long-term would be investing in myself.

I’m really glad to be part of you.

I wish you guys a really nice day, Take care of you,



Hi Tony,

Welcome in the DBL community !

I wish you the best brother !

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Thank you Gaetan,

Have a nice one.