Tom_G4 - 37y - Ex IT-technician in reconversion

I’m Thomas (but Tom is fine), I’m 37 years old, single and I live in France in the south west.

I’m a former IT technician and I’ve been looking for 2-3 years to make a living on the net.

A bit too curious and touchy-feely (and above all too scattered), I ended up choosing affiliation and dropshipping, and as a result, I am currently following Tugan’s RX intensively to get rid of homelessness and “little rat” techniques.

For this presentation, I cheated and called on Deepl, because my English is too approximate in writing (and even more so in speaking), but I’m working on it, that’s one of the reasons why I’m here, to force myself to take at least one step every day, no matter what the field, even if the goal is to be autonomous, independent and free financially and geographically.

For a few months now, I’ve been learning a little Russian too, first because I like the sound (especially feminine…) and for pragmatic reasons.

I am joining DBL to acquire the self-discipline that I sorely need, to improve my relational, professional and marketing skills and to remove psychological obstacles while “meeting” motivated and motivating brothers!

Thank you for reading and take care of yourself.


Welcome among us, Tom !

Keep practicing English and Russian and you’ll see that your efforts will be rewarded !


I don’t doubt it and that’s why I continue, I’m motivated :wink:

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