Tips to develop your english

Hi bros (and sis),

I open a topic to share content and tips to help to learn English. Every advice, link, content is welcome! I start with a few tips today!

Already shared somewhere in the forum but I will put here again: Tintin episodes in English.

  • Why Tintin? His English is pure, with no slang with perfect and balanced pronunciation. What’s more, he puts the word on everything or thought that comes.
  • Here is the link :

When you meet someone speaking English, ask where is the person from

  • Why? Because it will help you identify the different accents, and develop your listening comprehension.

  • Native or not, you can identify the music of every English and increase your adaptability. Look at the French language: spoken all around the world, we understand it whatever the accent and you can see how different it can be! Do the same with the languages that you learn, and especially English. :wink:

To develop your grammar and typing mistakes, install Grammarly

  • What is Grammarly? A smart corrector for all typed messages. Once installed, it works on almost all text areas in your internet browser (the one I am using right now for example).

  • Free function will offer basic corrections, which is already useful. Punctuation, prepositions, grammar… The software tells you what’s wrong and suggests a correction. (I am not paid to talk about it, I use the free version on my own and I am a copywriter)

Warning: Their privacy policy might be a problem for you. You can find info below if you want to read more :

That’s it for today. Enjoy and share things that you think relevant. The more we share, the more we get stronger!



Grammarly is a spyware stop! Stop spreading this shit or it’ll make as harm as Zoom! LanguageTool is an alternative that requires little effort since there is no network effect for this tool.

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Interesting, could you please elaborate? I’m sincerely curious.

Grammarly is mainstream and proprietary, it’s the first warnings.

But with some researches I found other things:

I have checked meanwhile, and thank you for the heads up.

Personally, I don’t mind if they keep it. Nothing absolutely secret with what I write so far, and if it would be the case, I would do in another way.

Anyway, wherever you go (google, youtube, FB, IG, and anything else…), even though these are not recommended among the community here, we leave traces everywhere (VPN or not!) So thank you for highlighting this point, up to everyone to use it or not.

I will update the original post to show interest with your intervention. :ok_hand:

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