Tiego_G3, ecom and clothing

Hello everyone, let me introduce myself.

My name is Tiego and I am a French white male passionated about life.

I live in Rennes, and my main activity is E-commerce + import/export of second-hand clothing.

I 100% live with my own revenues but I havn’t got a company yet because of the french taxes. This Is why I plan to move in Estonia at the end of the year.

I camed in DBL in order to find other people who like to conqueer just like me.

My short term goal is to make a lot of money while having a lot of fun and building new strong relationships. My longterm goals would be to become wealthy and keep creating projects that I love.

I really Hope to meet you all one day !


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Hello and welcome @Tiego_g3

Add an avatar please



Before posting.

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Nice to meet you @Tiego_g3.

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Welcome brother @Tiego_g3! May this year be the good one for your expatriation ! We’re all gonna make it one day :muscle:

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Bravo, welcome in Liberty.

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Thank you very much guys, hope to have great time with you all!