Three girls in less than 24 hours

Good evening everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

Everything is in the title. This is undoubtedly routine for some guys here. For me it was new, and the results are incredible.

I was traveling to give a masterclass on music composition. At 17:00, I was fingering a student. I spent the night with the organizer of the event and I fucked my actual regular sex plan when I came back the next day.

Admittedly, it was not really glorious, since :

  • The student is a 5,5/10 in need of a dad.
  • The organizer is still pretty for her age, but depressed.
  • My sex friend is my sex friend.

But what energy after that ! I felt like an alpha male. :muscle: The girls spoke to me spontaneously (I’m tall and quite muscular, but not really handsome).

So I would only repeat the wise words of the King of the Dwarves saying that fucking raises your power level.

Small weakness, however. I must order immediately « Erection en béton » ! I confess that I haven’t had the opportunity to do it again since.

For those who have experienced this incredible feeling, I would be grateful if you would share your experiences.



Congratulations Sylvain !

I am happy to see that you are harvesting the fruits of your dedication and commitment to hard work.

It’s inspiring for everybody and really make us want to work harder ever day. I felt lazy today and starting watching some random shit on Facebook, after reading this I felt immediately pumped up and started doing the things I had to do.

Just out of curiosity what type of music do you teach ? Jazz or classic , I guess ?

And how old was your student ? :slight_smile:


Thanks Jean-Baptiste !

I don’t take the time to teach. I only give occasional conferences and masterclasses on composition and arrangement for symphonic orchestra.

The student was about 20 :wink:


Well done once again, for your last masterclass, I am sure with the special fingering you taught her she can now play all 27 Chopin’s Etude better than Evgeny Kissin !