Thomas.C_G5 / 21 ans / Personal trainer - Nutrition coach

Hello everyone,

My name is Thomas Campestrini, I am 21 (22 in september). I live alone in Normandy, France.

I am a personal trainer and a nutrition coach, manager of a gym in Normandy. I have some clients for online coaching but not as much as i want to survive with only this.

I come in DBL right now for 3 reasons :

The first reason is that I hate what France is becoming with all the propaganda on feminism, immigration, health and other life areas so i want to leave it.

The second one is that after all these months hearing J.M, I understood why being in a good community is important and way better than staying alone : I know the community will help me in my life and in my projects and I am pretty sure I will be useful for the community in return.

The last reason is that I am young and I see many people achieving their goals and earning money by themselves. Everything I see is pushing me to learn, to get more and more education and as much discipline as possible to succeed. But I know I can not learn everything by myself and i am sure I will find what i need in DBL.

My short term goals are to find a job in eastern europe, I already started to contact Olivier for Bulgaria. I really want to get out of this country which doesn’t fit with my ideals and convictions.

My long term goals are to develop online coaching. Working for my own, or for an influenceur if needed (I hate social media and i really don’t want to become an influenceur).

At least, working for my passion is my main goal, but if i have to do other jobs or business to earn a living, then I will do.

Hoping to meet you soon, thank you for reading me.

Best regards.



Hi thomas

Do you have a website to have a peek of your work?



Welcome young boy

Thx !

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I have a website, but he is not finished and realy poor, can i put the link here or do I have to go on private conversation ?

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Thanks But do not bother, I’m looking for someone with a complete and nice website.