Thibault-27-Living in australia

Hello ,

I am Thibault, 27yo in relationship ,living in Australia, lucky enough to arrived before the Covid restrictions.

I used to work as a cocktail maker/head bartender in hotels in Europe (Did France,Swiss,UK, Australia) As the covid hit I stopped working as a Bartender and started to do my “Months of specific work” in order to stay in Australia.

Right now, in working for the gouvernement as a fruit fly inspector(1K/Week). I am on my 2nd Visa ( one remaining). I do plan to stay in Australia ,to do so I will head back to studies, to be a contractor also.

After all that, I hope to be ready whenever french people are coming to help them finding jobs ( contractors ) and why not being a part of a new DBL instutition in Oz.

Love to our master.