⭐ The REALITY of Ukraine + PHOTOS ! (This post includes an Opportunity for you)


Here is Jérémie from Ukraine.

Some of you guys asked me a loooot of questions about Ukraine, after my DBL Live in May.

So then, I want to tell you more :slight_smile:

Here are your most common questions :

- Are the girls SO pretty ?

Judge by yourself :arrow_forward: 1519_image_3

And this is just a random girl here in Ukraine, it’s nothing “wow”. Other guys from the section, can confirm it! @Gil_G1 @Niels_G5 @Thomas_G4

  • Can you really spend time with such girls ?

Because, pictures speaks always more than words…

  • Is it a beautiful country / are there things to see in Ukraine ?

Of course! Damn! In Ukraine, there is the sea, the mountain, there are lakes, campaigns, beautiful parks and flowers, wonderful rivers and so on. The architecture is beautiful in such places as city center of Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv, Oujhorod.

Sunset in Boucha, Kyiv Oblast

A Desert of salt in the south, Kuyalnik Estuary

In Ukraine you can see the biggest musical fountain of Europe, in Vinnitsya!

- How is the food / the restaraurants ?

Like this :

When you go to a traditional Ukrainian restaurant, you never regret it. The food is really amazing! Everthing is home made, Vodka included !!

How are the men in Ukraine ?

First, in Ukraine, there are 2 millions men less than women. Second, men are really careless compare to girls. Third, men are MEN. Look these two pictures :

A free access ring of boxe in my former city, Irpin

A WILD fitness center !! (One of the craziest things I’ve seen in Ukraine)

Does a DBL Section already exist in Ukraine ?


Just look how happy we are here :

I have a lot of videos as well, but you will see by yourself by coming here!

Has this country kept its traditions?

Of course yes! You can see people in traditional clothes, everywhere in Ukraine! And the girls as well are much more traditional than in western Europe. Specially concerning the family!

Is it right that Ukraine is THE place to be to create a family ?

I’ll be a Daddy in 3 months :orange_heart:

Now that I have teased enough my wonderful homeland, it’s time to give you the opportunity to join us here. As you were dozens to ask me about coming to Ukraine.

Already, Gil did it. Niels, Kevin, Kyril, Thomas, Serguei, and much more other guys, that will for sure post their testimonials in comments.

Now it’s your turn to join us in this freeee country !!

:star: I’ve decided to organize a travel here in Ukraine, specially designed for DBL members.

It gonna be a business and cultural trip.

To give you all the chances to be part of us, I’ve created a questionnaire to take your feedbacks and make it the BEST for YOU guys!

Please fulfill the questionnaire on this link :

10 persons maximum per trip.

You are 5 minutes away from an amazing adventure with your DBL brothers in Eastern Europe!

Approved by DBL Authorities


Hello everyone

Thanks for the post @Jeremie.coach-G2

I only have one thing to say: we have only one life, guys.


Very nice topic, I’ve added it to the DBL World Map.

Cheers !


That’s kind from you @Arthur_Ivan_G1 Arthur, thank you!

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Our last day with our DBL bro @Niels_G5, here is a great opportunity to share with you guys!

Ukraine is really a Wonderful Country! In Winter, and in Summer !

Actually we really have an excellent weather! Nothing to envy to the French Riviera, we also have our own Riviera here :grin:

Take your chance guys!


Hey guys :slight_smile:

I totally agree with @Jeremie.coach-G2 for everything he said about Ukraine, especially for lifestyle (wonderful places to see, restaurants…) and ladies.

I hope lots of you will discover it by themselves !

There is already a trip organized for those who want to visit Ukraine with others DBL members. I will be delight to meet you during this trip !

We are also organizing a document in order to provide you the best adresses around Kiev, Odessa or Carpates. So, if you decide to join us in the future, be sure you will be very welcome. Guys here are nice and ready to share with you all the good plans :wink:

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I went there multiple times for work and confirm everything that Jeremie said. The first thing that blew my mind, was how girls take care of themselves. They were openly looking at guys in the streets, something that you rarely see in France.


And what is really impressive, is that the men doesn’t look at the girl. Which is very rare in France as well! Isn’t it ?

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Exactly ! It’s really a different mindset there. I’m probably travelling to Kiev in November. By the way, if you happen to be nearby, would be a pleasure to meet you & the local DBL members there =)

I have seen that JeanMa just shared my post on Télégram for you guys who’d like to join us in Ukraine for a one week amazing trip.

Just reminding you the link to let you propose your participation: Voyage DBL Ukraine