The DBL Netlinking : How to improve your SEO easily

:facepunch: Hi Brothers, I’m Leopold.DW_G4,

You want to improve your SEO ? You want good backlinks but you don’t have money ?

I have THE KEY for you : :chart_with_upwards_trend: Netlinking :chart_with_upwards_trend:

How it works ?

If you get a link from a guy website, you give back a link to his site. With a blog or a product page, it depends on what you want.

Where ?

Edit: Join the DBL’s Site Network for free here

How many it will cost ?

Nothing, this is to get a stronger community.

:man_student: If some SEO expert have advice, write it below.

:pray: Thanks for your collaboration, love you brothers :pray:


I did not understand

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Hello Frank,

A backlink is a link pointing on your website,

It shows at Google that your site is interesting and trusted.

Consequently, your SEO go stonk.

Did i answer your issue ?

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Ok, i see, thanks. The difficulty will be to have a link to create bridges between these sites


Yes that’s why I create this topic.

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Let’s add a section “DA/TF” and organic trafic for our website.

So that we know the quality of the referring domain for the backlink provided


Thanks for your idea Loic, it’s done.

If you have more improvement solutions don’t hesitate.

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Very good initiative. Thank you Leopold


That’s a very good idea ! Thanks for this topic :wink:


I’m proposing to add a section for the type of netlinking (growth traffic, SEO Juice, etc. )

to be clear : As a pure SEO, I’m interested about a quality BL and not a source of traffic

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Hello Air,

What tool did you use to manage these data ?

Thanks for your idea :facepunch:

To know how good is a backlink I use Majestic. I can see the thematic, the TF and CF,

contact me in PM if you want more information to harvest BL


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Hello everyone,

The DBL staff and I, have decided to scale this idea to the community. Currently it is a beta, later it may become a paid service. Websites that are already registered will not pay or will have a high discount.

The benefits :

  • You will be able to buy and sell backlinks in a secure way.
  • Exchanges will be triangular and will be verified by a member of the DBL administration.
  • The websites you add to the network of sites are and will remain confidential.
  • Filter, control of TF, CF, DA, DR
  • Larger databases because this service will be advertise in barracks and lives shows. The more we will have diversified website, the more the community will have backlinks.

How it works:

Register on this form

Exchanges, purchases and sales will be provided to you if they are possible within the next days.

I will do an official topic about the DBL Netlinking in the current week.


:clap: Hope it will help the DBL community

To people who are already registered in the previous google sheet, you need to complete the new form :slightly_smiling_face:


Can we answer to your 2 or 3 times if we have multiple websites ?

Yes of course. You can also put them on the same submit like that:,keyword1,keyword2,keyword3,keyword7,keyword2,keyword4,keyword5,keyword7,keyword8

Great idea, I’ll sign up