The Crypto Investment Barrack is hiring!

We need members who know how to analyze a crypto project in order to know if it is interesting to invest in it or not.

If you have these skills and are a DBL member, send an email to present yourself to Silvio :


hi charlie

i have still not bought a crypto

i have my ledger cold wallet

i am studying the market on coingecko since 1 month

i think the market is bear since salvador official legal adoption & bitcoin will go down to 10K before reaching 100K soon after

i am studying the crypto technicalities & pain-point solvers with “journal du coin” & “crypto grand angle”

samee is brilliant to make the developpers explain the fundamentals of a project ( scalabilty, interoperability, consensus model, transactions rates, etc…)

i am filling excel & .txt files with metrics of my own

i have an idea to build a coingecko API machine analysis to make the files filled automaticaly

i am studying trading

i am studying best fees, ways & wallets to buy-exchange crypto(+ spread, slippage, fees in/fees out, SEPA fees, debit card fees, etc…)

just wanted to let you know & participate in the topic

maybe i would have some questions about your manners to operate

see you soon

oh, did not see i would have to contact silvio, maybe i am too newbie now, let`s see

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