The Belgian's journal to making money and expatriating - Manou_G4

Here is a journal I will write in to share all my projects to make money.

I won’t keep it update daily as I’m not making daily results yet.
Just when I feel it :slight_smile:

I won’t reveal any of my niches except the ones I want to share.
Feel free to ask me questions

You can open tabs and read the ones you want :wink:

Aliexpress products

As I mentionned in my presentation I ordered 299 products from Aliexpress.

  • Total received at this day : 155
  • Waiting products : 144

My big problem about this project is that the seller is fu**ing long to ship the products.
2 weeks now that I’m waiting for the 144 products left to be shipped.

I also proposed him a reduction if I buy him 500 products in once.
He read the message but didn’t asnwer to me yet…

Results for now:

produit compte perso

As you can see on the Excel picture:

  • I’ve spent 775,18€ to buy 299 products
  • I’ve sold 37 products for 730€
  • 262 products left to sell

That’s great cause I’ve already reached the spent part.

Some proof with Paypal and personal accounts.
It’s a little bigger ammount on these because there are shipping fees as well.


As I said I have an Airbnb in France.
Working great doing nothing as someone is handling it for me.

From February 22nd I decided to split a part of the earnings and not touch it to let it grow and invest later on others projects.


The sweet card going with this savings account :slight_smile:

I invested some money into crypto.
This is were all my earnings and savings from projects are going to go in.

Earnings depends of the market.
Going from $800 dollars to $2500.

I’m also doing bot trading crypto.
I will write later on this subject.

Other projects

I’m working on other digital projects and will share it later when I’ll be more advance :slight_smile:

Cheers :grinning:


I keep an eye here as I like to follow other’s challenges and the way you split the biz and how you are posting the results etc.

Good luck and a first congratulations :wink:



Your business sound great!

When you said “Aliexpress products” do you mean dropshipping?

And I’m curious how you got that airbnb

Have a nice evening guy!


Thx for your message buddy!


I order physical products that I’m packaging behind.

This way I have a better control on the process even if it’s a little longer.

At the end I just have to get them, make the packaging when someone buys (less than 2 minutes) and I post it.


From 2017 to half 2019 I used to manage 8 Airbnbs properties. They weren’t mine.
I proposed to owner the idea and it worked great. I made lot of money.

The downside of it is that it takes really a lot of time managing it.
I was doing everything from A to Z.

Also as you know in Belgium - with so much proprerties - I was tired of sh*t mentality from always the same kind of people when they booked. I stopped at half 2019 as I love to travel.

Then I just went to see a friend in France while traveling. He was in money trouble. He’s a Romanian. He’s 58 years old. He lived half his life in Romania… so it was sh*t for him to have a job after he got fired. Also no phone and no computer.

So I bought him a computer and a phone as gifts. I gave him some ideas to get small jobs and I gave him that Airbnb possibility as he has 3 bedrooms in his flat. We started end of 2019.

And I take 25% commission from that. I’m helping if he really needs it (technical problems or whatever… so never). And I give him the money out of the banks as he prefers this way.

Now he’s doing fine.


Some good news about that.

Seller told me he will ship left orders within 3 days (144 waiting products).

As it was Chinese New Year everything was kind of delayed apparently.

Also he proposed me a nice price about the 500 products in one buy.

$1400 instead of $2000.
Which will bring me around 8/10000€ ($9500/$12000)

At least from x6 to x8.5… Sounds good to me.
That’s not the product where I’m making the most benefice but it’s the most easiest to sell.

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I follow it

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Thx buddy :slight_smile:

I just recorded my first youtube video that I uploaded.
New project to earn money.

I will also add English subtitles.
Pretty long to do :hot_face: :crazy_face:

I won’t give the niche yet but I’ll give more details later or if you have some questions :slight_smile:


And I’m finishing the day selling 12 producs on my Aliexpress project.

226,66€ - 5€ shipping = 221,66€



Congratulation bro’

Are you in the Challenge SEO?

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Thx :slight_smile:

Nope I’m not into the Challenge SEO :blush:

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You did it with pub on FB Ads or just with your organic trafic? (or the both)

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For this aliexpress niche I’m just using organic trafic using websites like leboncoin, etc. I didn’t use SEO as I’m naturally interested in that niche and as I know the potential.

Otherwise on other projects I use SEO tools “Ahrefs” to build my SEO, mainly organic but I will think about paid trafic on new projects

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Thanks for the answer mate!

Will follow your story, good luck


New sell.

228€ - 5€ shipping = 223€.

Only 23 products left on this particular product from received orders.
The others products are gonna be a little longer to sell off.

Can’t wait the 144 products left being shipped (91 of this particular product).
And still have to order the 500 products (only this particular product for this order)

Let’s say I can make sells for this particular product every 3 days (even if it’s everyday now).

It means around 120-150 products per month. So ± 2200€/2800€ per month on this.
500 products means 2/3 months.

I can start to organise better.

And that without the other products.
Litteraly doing nothing except ordering, packaging and posting.


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Hello :slight_smile:

Some quick news.

So I sold the 23 products left yesterday

  • 203€ - 5€ shipping = 198€
  • 259.50€ - 5€ shipping = 254.5€

I also sold 2 other products on an other website
92€. I have to reduce the shipping price when I’ll go ship it


Also… seller shipped me the last products (yeeeeh).
Waiting fot it now)



Hello people,

Some quick news since the last time.

I’ve received all the products I was waiting and ordering for.
I’ve even ordered more as this Aliexpress project is working great.

I’m selling products almost everyday. Average daily sell is 200/250€
Today was the first time I got over 500€ sells in one day so I’m very happy :crazy_face:

I continue to develop this project.

About the Airbnb and Crypto projects everything is going by itself.

  • Airbnb continues to bring me daily money without working for so it’s perfect

  • Cryto is crypto so depend of the market. I continue to invest in however as price dump.

Some other projects are coming soon as I develop them.
Waiting to get first results before showing you!


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Hey people,

About cryptos, it’s going pretty well.

As mentionned in my original post I started with around $5239

Here is where I am now

Yes… around $15.000!
I’ve made money this month + money I put in coming from my different projects.

Not saying I will grow that fast each month though ahah.

I’m using it in DeFi so it allows me to borrow money without touching my original funds (carefull with that)

I also earn interests on both lending and borrowing!
It can go from 10% to 35% a year depending cryptos I’m playing with.


So with $15000 I’m already earning around $125 each month at the lowest…
And of course without talking about the prices changes of my cryptos.

If crypto price double and I’m using it as interests earning… so it becomes $250
Same if it divides.


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Good for you Manou. Congrats on the great gains.

And as long as you don’t sell, I believe you don’t have to worry about the state man here in Belgium.

I am looking to get out of here in the very next years and won’t sell prior to that: there’s no way I give the state 33% of my earnings, fuck them.


Thanks for your message Matthieu.

To be honnest I don’t care that much to take some profit if it’s once or whatever. They won’t really know. It’s still too much confused about crypto. But for now I’m just gonna grow my folio anyway.

Also there are a lot of ways to withdraw money out of the system without them knowing so… :slight_smile:.
As you I won’t give any benefice to this shithole country.


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Hey brothers,

As usual here are some quick news on my earnings.
Today will be about cryptos.

I decided to manage my folio and test some new stuffs.

For the ones who knows about yield farming, pools etc… you know how APY’s (compounded) and APR’s (daily) can be really profitable.

You just have to find the right projects and enjoy as much and fast as you can before switching to another one project and so on.

I did find a project to start with and put around 10k in it to farm.

As you can see this pool provides me around 2% a day.
I put around $3k8 inside it so it is giving me $105 a day (± 87€)

I also added into 3 others pools (Token project, Cake and Sushi).
Around $6k and giving me ± $50 a day (± 42€)

$105 + $50 = around $155 a day… !

And here first results in about 17 hours = $147

So it will be more than $155 when I’ll reach 24h :slight_smile:

Easy money working for me H24 doing nothing.
Life is great.

As you may know the APR and APY are constantly changing as the more people go into it the less we earn in return. The goal is to find new - and secure - projects to enjoy the most.

So for now I’m gonna let it make a lot of money per day - probably for a few weeks until the project is gaining more attraction and at this point I’ll change to another one to start winning again high returns.

The cool thing is that if I can stabilize at $100 a day I can clearly expatriate and start new projects as I won’t have any money problem. I test and I’ll see.

As you can see on Excel picture I always put a part of earnings into the project as it can takes a lot of value with a few weeks/months if working great (more more money then).

And I keep a big part into safest tokens as Cake, stablecoin, etc.

Cheers :grin: