Tbilisi, Géorgie - The community meets and my first impressions of the city

Very nice sunny afternoon in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Didier, Lyes and I met yesterday afternoon.

We had the opportunity to meet each other while walking in the old city. I share with you the few pictures we took :wink:

My first impressions of the city

I have been in Tbilisi for a week and here are my first impressions:

  1. The city is nice, with many contrasts. Old buildings are next to brand new ones, big shopping malls and small local shops…

  2. Prices are on average 40% lower than in France.

  • I have for example a new apartment (I am the first tenant), fully furnished (dishwasher, washing machine, oven, hotplate… and all the dishes). It is very well located in the young and dynamic city center (Saburtalo). All this for the modest sum of 400 dollars per month (without charges).

  • A good restaurant with dish + dessert costs about 10€.

  • Shopping is also cheaper, meat about -30%, vegetables about -40%, starch about -40%.

  • Cab for a short or medium trip: 1,3€ | for a long trip: 2,7

  • Public transport costs 13 cents

  1. People are either very nice and willing to help you a lot. Or very cold. I have been to many countries before and this is the first time I have seen such a contrast. There is not really a middle ground. Example 1 : you leave a tip to a waiter and there is a 70% chance that he won’t say thank you. Example 2 : You say hello with a smile and they look at you with a cold stare without answering.

But on the other hand, I met several golden people, very warm, smiling, who quickly offer you to have a drink, to eat, to show you how the public transport works etc.

So don’t be surprised when you arrive here.

  1. The capital and its surroundings are quite beautiful, mountains, a lot of vegetation, the river, the old city which is magnificent.

  2. The security is at the top level, you don’t feel in danger.

  3. The roads are perfect, but the Georgians drive badly and fast, be careful when you cross the road! For those who have been in Morocco, know that it is the same level (except that here there are much less scooters)

  4. The climate is similar to that of Marseille or Nice

  5. We often hear that Georgian women are ugly. It’s true that the average is lower than in Eastern Europe, but there are still some beautiful flashes. And also a lot of foreigners girls from nearby countries. I would say that 10% of the women are beautiful, 20% correct to good (I’m quite selected, maybe other people will find that there are more beautiful women here).

Conclusion :slight_smile:

I’m happy to be in Georgia, so far the life is good and the tax system even better. I think I’ll stay there at least 2 years maybe more.

To all those who want to come and visit or settle in Georgia, do not hesitate to contact me or Lyes_G3.


Wow, it’s beautiful! You make me want to go there! :heart_eyes:

That seems really beautiful !

I come with my brother the 21th July, can’t wait to be there and meet the the community’s members !

Cheers and enjoy it !


Great! Don’t hesitate to send me an mp if you have any questions :wink:


Looks like an amazing city in a country with a very strong culture. Hope that I can visit there soon.

Long life to the Georgian people, and thanks for sharing! Have a toast with orange wine for us, please!


It was a great afternoon !

So please let me add another picture which was took from my window :

As @Sovann-G1-Ours-FDPH said, don’t hesitate to contact me or him if you have any question :blush:

See you soon !

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