Stupid question binance

Hi everybody

I would like to know how to buy usdc against btc on binance? This pair does not exist it seems …

I thank you in advance

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Capture btc

Try again


There is no stupid question. Only stupid answers :wink:

You should watch the Satoshi Channel’s video again.

• Trader → Fondamental → click on “BTC” on the right upper corner → search for “usdc” → select “BTC/USDC”.

If you still have problems, how about contact the staff?


Thx Guillaume

I found it :+1::innocent:

I used usdt temporarily Do you think is there a difference between in usdc and usdt?

In the Satoshi channel the signal to order limit are in euros or usd?

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In the signal it’s in usdc for the limit.

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Hello Jean Pascal,

The USDC is worth 0, 9997 USDT. It means 1 USDC is roughly worth 1 USDT. Nonetheless, since the beginning of Satoshi Channel, we have been told to buy USDC, so it is better if you use it too.

To change your USDT in USDC, you must :

  • find the pair USDC/USDT

  • click on “Market

  • push the button (over "acheter USDC) to 100%

  • click on “acheter USDC” (green).

You should find all this explained in the tutorials (at least the principles).

I did the same mistake once (bought usdt instead of usdc), that’s how we learn ! :grinning:

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Hi guys, I tried to open a Binance account but they ask me creepy identity questions like my residencial adress and a photocopie of my passport or driver licences. Did you provided exactly same infos?

Many thanks


It’s normal bro :wink:

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Yeah it’s normal. It proves it is a serious service


Yeah depend… scam did same I mean government lol