🛑 Stop selling “formations”!

Why’s that? Is it not working anymore all of a sudden?

No… It’s simply because you’re not selling “formations”, you’re talking about “programs” or “training programs”.

What is an anglicism?

It’s a French word whose form, oral or written, looks like that of a foreign word and vice versa, but whose meaning is different.

It means that there’re existing English words that are similar to French ones but have a different meaning.

And there’s plenty of them…

Let me tell you something: Actually, I’m engaged, and I have a business affair.

Did you understand what I meant? Maybe not. You probably fell into the trap, because it’s complete bullshit.

I was telling you that I’m married and that I was having a sexual adventure with someone else, business related… But it did look like I was committed to a business deal, doesn’t it ?

And you’re using a lot of anglicisms without even knowing them, especially here in the forum:

  • Actually
  • Eventually
  • To pretend
  • Hazard
  • Investissment
  • …

If you do not know them, then there’s a pretty good chance you’ll sound like a fool abroad.

And if I’m telling you this today, it’s also because I have a solution:

Learn English every day, just a little bit, and later, sooner than expected, it’ll make a difference.

And as the English teachers of the community, Alex and I have prepared something for you :

Join our Telegram channel and learn a bit of English every day : here

30 seconds to one minute a day, that’s all we’re asking: It’s free and useful content

By the way, up until Sunday afternoon our programs are at 30% off.

And if you’re willing to use crypto, it’s even cheaper.

So, what are you waiting for? Everything is in the DBL Shop and in here


Hi Loïc I’m a fellow teacher, I keep noticing mistakes in the forum but can’t dedicate time to correct each one of them. Anyway if I can be of any use, I’m happy to help. Peace

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Hello Olivier.

Thanks for the help. Well, if you have time you can still answer to the person concerned along with corrections.

However we can’t do direct corrections