Still in France? My project might interest you

Hey guys,

On 10th March, 12PM, I’ll be landing to Zagreb, Croatia. The beginning of a journey to Kiev, in order to visit 5 Eastern Europe countries (Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, and see if I feel comfortable in one or several of those.

I decided to make a couple of videos, only for you guys, to give you my feeling about the places I’ll go through (I might share with a couple of friends as well but it’s not even sure).

The idea is to help you to take a decision for your new life on the right side of the frightening New Iron Curtain.

This one is pretty short (3’30), it’s just a little overview of what I’ll publish on this channel. Soon, I’ll make a longer one in order to present myself and some details about what I’ll be talking about (in short: expatriation, Eastern Europe and the opportunities we have there).

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts about this project.

Do not hesitate in telling me what you would like to hear when I’ll be there.


Good good good

Very good :+1:

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hey nice initiative !

I find this approach very cost effective for those who are forced to stay stuck here for a while (I do)

The video is good, the sound is good, same for resolution.

Some suggestions for your travel:

  • Make a spontaneous report as soon as you arrive in the country and when you leave to see the differences between your hopes and the reality on the ground.

I will follow this with interest

Good luck and have a nice trip!

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Great initiative, I’ll be following your efforts with great interest. Godspeed :muscle:t2:



Good luck with that project of yours!

I am glad you are talking about Croatia. I do not understand why we do not have a DBL section there already. You might want to check the coast on top of visiting Zagreb - from what I have heard, they are two very different Croatias.

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Hi bro !

Love your idea ! :raised_hands:

I’m looking at the moment to move to one of these countries :

  • Slovenia
  • Croatia
  • Montenegro

I’ll follow with interest your trip, as I plan to do one as well during the spring/summer, when the COVID situation will get a bit better for travelers.

Have fun during your travel :muscle:


+1 from britannia, good job bro


Second video :

My first day in Zagreb. A real pleasure to be here.


I recommend Zadar, Istrie region, and Cavtat.

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I considered Zadar as well as Split. Will check Cavtat. Thanks!

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Thanks for your work !

I add your video on Zagreb immediately to the DBL World Map. I will add all your next video.

Peoples are not wearing a mask outside, open restaurants (only outside), that’s damn great.


Yes man. It’s moving.

I’ll try to make a video tomorrow. Outside, this time so you can enjoy a bit of the architecture of the city.


Hello guys,

New reflections about Croatia I registered yesterday, in Zagreb’s streets.

In the meanwhile, I saw a nice video from Nomad Capitalist (pretty interesting guy if you’re interested in online business as well as expatriation, by the way) and he was talking about having several homes around the world. I found it interesting even though I think it’s better to be able to go from one of your homes to another by car, which is not the case for him. Name of the video : “Where I moved to” (spoiler: Colombia, Montenegro, Malaysia, Turkey and Georgia).

In the coming days, I’ll try to get information about what we could name “Balkans multiculturalism”. I already had very interesting conversations. I might ask a girl working in my current Air BnB for an interview so you can get feedbacks from locals (not guaranteed but if you have some questions you would like to hear about, feel free to put them in the comment sections, and I’ll try to convince her, she’s a nice girl).



Hey guys,

For French-speaking folks, I advise you to check this video of our friend @NikoMontenegro-G2 about Croatia. He is answering to a lot of questions I had about this great country :

I arrived in Zadar, yesterday, and I’ll share a video here soon. It was a bit of a mistake for me to come here, but it was the occasion to understand a couple of important things I’ll explain in my next video (and that YOU should consider when you’ll choose your place for expatriation).

My hostels are booked until 1st May (Split, Dubrovnik, Mostar in Bosnia, Kotor in Montenegro). I’ll tell you about all those towns.

Also, I am thinking of changing my model. I think of sharing written thoughts here as well as contents from other persons (found a lot of very interesting YouTube channels recently) and opening a Telegram Channel to talk about expatriation in the Balkans. Videos will then be:

  • less long
  • more concise
  • more spontaneous

Do not hesitate in giving me your opinion.

Dovidenja !


As I said yesterday, a quick video about Zadar, in front of the Adriatic Sea :

I explain to you why it is cool… but not as an expatriation city.

Are Split and Rijeka more clever choices for those who want to leave in a smaller and sunnier city than Zagreb in front of the sea? Probably.

I’ll tell you more about Split next week.


Nice video, Zadar look like a good city to go in vacation with his familly. But pretty boring alone or with friends.

Create your Telegral channel is a good idea !

As you said : Let’s back to work :wink:


Finally, I think I’ll do both because it is also a long-term project. I would like that future members of DBL find this subject and watch the progression of my ideas.

But I will launch a Telegram channel because I like the interactive / spontaneous side of this social network (maybe this week, I think that Wednesday or Thursday).

Thanks for your recommendation, though!

And, yes, Zadar is definitely a holiday place, either with family but with friends as well, in the summer.


Hi guys,

It had been a long time without posting. Here is a video in Split, second largest city in Croatia :

I explain to you why it is a fantastic city (a city I could consider as my basis in the future).

Also, I give you a better strategy than mine to visit several places and make a choice for your expatriation country/city. With these simple advices, you will :

  • save time
  • save money
  • save energy

Moving from France has become a pain in the ass in the last weeks, so you should definitely think about it right now, my friends (especially for the ones who don’t want Bill Gates’s vaccines).

Next destination : Kotor, Montenegro (after 3 days in Dubrovnik, Croatia and 2 days in Mostar, Bosnia).

Cheers !

PD: Today’s DBL show will be about Montenegro! I will not be able to watch it live, but I am really excited to hear this episode, maybe later in the day.


Great idea about balance between 2 atmospheres.

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