[Special Offer] Saint Valentin - AstroSeduction - 70% Commission

Hi bros,

Today I wanted to share with you a special opportunity to make money with your leads during this weekend of Saint-Valentin.

I’ve already made 1.382€ in a couple of days thanks to this unique funnel designed for women.

This success is based on a simple fact: More than 70% of women believe in astrology or at least appreciate reading horoscopes.

What I offer here are seduction techniques to seduce a man depending on his zodiac sign. You just need to send to your female email-list the little quiz I create to know what sign their beloved-one is, and I will handle the closing (almost 2% on cold traffic).

What you need to know:

  • 70% commission
  • Average basket: 46,15€
  • Target: Women from 25y to 60y
  • Interest: ALL (spirituality, yoga, seduction, attraction law…)
  • Payment: 10th of each month

Where to find your affiliate link:

Professional mail: Apoline@astromance.fr

Please contact me directly for any other information.

Failing is not an option :muscle: