Simon_G3 - 40- copywriting and SEO

Hi guys, better late than never to introduce myself :

I’m Simon, am 40, single with no kids. I used to work in the hospitality. Early 2020 I left mothercountry France to Australia and Sydney. My goal : learning digital marketing. From March almost everything stopped down under even though the situation was better than in France. But the school closed and had to take a decision. So I went back and changed my plans. I’m interested in the content marketing so have been learning SEO and copywriting and became freelance.

I’m in this community above all to learn productivity skills. Good vibe and energy in DBL, necessary to go forward. My short term goal is to perform in copywriting and help people to grow their business with my services. In the long term, will create my owns products online.

I’m eager to attend the webinar on Sunday with E. Friedenrich.

Thanks guys and strength to the community :muscle:


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