Should i cheat on my girlfriend?

Hi guys ! I hope you are well !

So here’s a big question for you…SHOULD I TRUMP MY GIRLFRIEND ???

Well, seriously, this topic is absolutely not about trolling or anything like that but I would like your advice, opinions, especially from those who have a little more experience, bottles and wisdom to guide me to the right path.

First of all, let me set the scene.

So here we are, I’ve been with my girlfriend for 6 months now, but we’ve known each other for about a year. Everything is going incredibly well! No worries on any level, she’s really nice, funny, a good 7/10 physically and mentally it’s 12-13/10. The kind of girl who doesn’t give a shit at all. She will always do everything to make me happy. She’s not lobotomized by LGBT, BLM, etc… frankly she’s really amazing.


There is a but indeed…

Without wanting to throw flowers at me, I attract quite a few girls… and especially older ones, because indeed, given that I’m 1m95 and 115kg with about 3-4 years of muscular training, so a very good body, big arms, big back, in short the whole package, combined with a bit of humour and a chatty personality. I don’t think I’ll surprise you by telling you that this combo works very well with women.

And that’s the problem, there are quite a few girls, sometimes even fantasists, who really want me, and for whom I have refused. For example, a teacher (yes, a teacher) of mine, 29 years old (I remind you that I’m 19), with whom I had a very good relationship, wanted to sleep with me.

Another example, I went to a friend’s birthday party (more of an acquaintance than a friend), but there were some of my friend’s family there, including his aunts. And here I clearly see an aunt, 50 years old, but frankly. An easy 8-9/10, a plane, a missile, and the way she dances, and moves you can tell in bed she’s probably doing stuff from another galaxy. And this aunt, as the evening went on there was flirting, and she ended up kissing me. Finally, she wanted us to go to her place to sleep and have sex, but I refused precisely because I’m in a relationship.

And examples like that are a dime a dozen, refusing threesomes etc. for my girlfriend, in short, I have many. And the thing is that by refusing all these opportunities (which are also all my fantasies!) seriously, who at 19 years old hasn’t dreamt of having threesomes, sleeping with a teacher of his and sleeping with a 50 year old woman who, on top of that, is the aunt of a guy you know.

So basically, I’m lost, because I feel like I’m missing out on a lot of opportunities that won’t happen in the future. So I’ll have a lot of regrets because I’m clearly missing out on some real stuff. But at the same time, I clearly don’t want to cheat on my girlfriend and I really don’t want to leave her.

I repeat that this topic is really not meant to brag about me or others, you have a real DBL member looking for answers…

I’m just looking for advice and opinions as I said before, I’m really open to all suggestions and I’ll answer all your questions.

Hoping to be in the right category ( correct me if I am not ! )

Thank you very much for reading. Good evening to all.

Best regards,

Mathéo .


Well, go for it…or you will regret it. We live once, it’s not your wife, you don’t have kids and so on. 19yo was not too long ago for me and I still remember holding myself back on some opportunities, just like you. What a mistake. Live fully now, you will have the time to settle down, better to experience all that now than in your 30s with wife and kids. Unless you can’t live with the fact that you cheat on your gf, it really depends on one’s education/value.


Well you are 19 so the opportunities will go on and on. If now you don’t feel at ease with the infedility , have a strong moral sense, and don’t do it.

On the other hand feel free to experiment while being young. What the next years will tell you is that : relationship are not all white or all black, there are shades between the lines. Love, sex, tenderness, freedom and liberty, you can have all with one woman, or you can have a woman for each.

Well it’s really early in the morning to think about all that. Hope it may help you a little.


Don’t cheat on her, she’s dedicated to you, that’s not respecting her neither yourself.

Be a man, and either talk to her about the situation or leave her if you want to. But don’t destroy her while she’s nice to you (and yeah, it’s a hard decision but you have to do it ^^).


Hey man,

Just tell her the truth, that you want to sleep with other women, and that’s that.

If the difference of value is in your favor, she’ll say yes.

I’d advise working on making her bisexual first, though. That’d make it more fun.



Your life is a god damm movie bro !

Anyway, talk about it with your GF, offer her the opportunity to explore new fields in sexuality in order to discover her true self (that’s the right way to say “Do you want a threesome”).


You are still very early in your relationship with her. At some point in time, in 6 month/1 year/2 years I don’t know, you probably will have blue balls and a huge desire to fuck other women. At this moment you will have 2 choices:

  • Break the relationship because you don’t love her as much as in the beginning and you really want to fuck other girls.
  • Stay with her but cheating on her.

I honestly think you will end up in that situation in every relationship you will have in your life, given your manliness and attractiveness. I would recommend the second option, but with the rule that she should never know that you cheated on her, nor her friends nor your friends, so that she can keep a “good status”. I think it is the best way to respect her while in the same time respecting your masculine needs aka yourself. Also, remember that a man cheating is really different than a girl cheating, so don’t try to “think what she would think”.


Like in Crime and Punishment, if you cheat, your moral sens will make you regret for the rest of your life.



You are in the top 1% who never had and probably never will have any problem with women. What a nice problem to dont know what to do because you attract to many women :joy:

Look, we are the top 1% here. We try to behave in a better way than everyone else. As JM said, we need responsability. Cheating in any way (in relationships, work, whatever you want) is the opposite of responsability.

You mentionned that your GF is open-minded. What I’d suggest you is to talk with her. I wouldnt start with telling her that you want to sleep with other girls, even though you don’t want to cheat with her and you want to stay with her because you admire who she is.

Id start progressivly, by telling her first that you attract other women, and that some other women showed you it in a very excplicit way. Skip the kissing part though. Tell her that you refused to do anything, because you’re with her and you want to build a relationship where you want to be able to tell everything to eachother. And then see how she reacts, and adapt. Go slowly.

If she shows that she understands, I’d progress my way out, slowly, untill making her understand that you’d like to sleep with other girls.

And lf she refuses all kind of discussion and she wants you for her and nobody else, youll have to make a choice. Her or the other girls.

Good luck mate!

Dr San


Hi Matheo,

What’s @Dr_San_G1 said is excellent.

I was in the same situation as you and I said to my girlfriend that I don’t want to miss opportunities with others girls.

To resume I said something like “I wanna see other girls, but I don’t want you to see other men”, because that was the thing I really want : keep her and have the other.

She was very comprehensive, we talk about this and the problem his solve, we’re happy with that.

So don’t keep stuck in that situation, try something with honesty.

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As JMC always says you have to do things that go well with your identity. I’m sorry but I’m not that kind of person that you will say, you have to be faithful to death man, you found the right girl you have to build something with her … Bullshit

Girls are hypergame if you don’t know what google search is

Let’s say that the girls are genetically programmed to always find better, they cannot love you unconditionally, they can only love the holes children like that, man no, if he loves a girl you can fall into it until you die for that girl.

If I was in you, I would set the record straight right away, I don’t believe in monogamy and other bullshit. Monogamy was created by the Christian church. The Christian church has done a lot of bullshit in history such as the fact that priests cannot marry and have children.

You know that until the 11th century I believe, priests could marry and have children but the church made it illegal because I didn’t want the inheritance to go to the family rather than the church.

The nobles through history had an official woman, a wife, but they had many lovers. This is pure genetics and pure history, men are made to have multiple partners at the same time as women are made to find the best male for breeding.

You’re young fuck, your goal shouldn’t be to find the holy girl here to marry and have children, but to experience, to have all the fantasies in your head.

I can’t give you advice because this is up to you, I don’t advise you to cheat on your girlfriend.

Why ? Not for moral or social reasons, I don’t give a shit about this but because you’re going to hurt the girl and I personally feel bad if I hurt a girl consciously. I’ll feel like shit. It’s not hurting a girl but hurting someone I care about a little.

Plus I realized that life gives you back the energies that you give them, this is the karma.

So what I could advise you and talk to her, tell her about your fantasies, try to negotiate a relationship of polygamy or free, do your experiences then based on your feelings see if you want to continue with this girl or not.

If the girl says no, first you know she is not the girl she will do for you, we are DBL people, we are ambitious people who pursue the top, we love sex and refined escorts.

A girl who doesn’t accept this kind of mentality will find it difficult to build a long-term relationship.

Then as I say you see, there are millions of interesting girls, perhaps not in Western Europe where we have all been victims of propaganda and manipulation of the masses. But there are many interested girls in other countries.

So you see and above all you do things that go with your identity where after you will feel good and connected. Instead of feeling like shit.