Shared "Mimetic Profit" (PM) with a fellow DBL member: how to do it?

Hi guys,

We would like to launch a new PM with a DBL fellow: I write the sales messages, he does the rest and then, we share the benefits (half/half). I think it’s a good formula as:

  • you save time
  • you focus at what you’re good at
  • you ACTUALLY finish the process
  • you do what you enjoy doing (copywriting, for me)
  • you are motivated

Problem: we only know each other virtually. We do trust each other but, we both would like a guarantee that the other will not run off with the money. You might know this French sentence: “trust does not prevent control”. We would then feel safer both of us.

Has anyone already done that? Did you find a way to ensure that both parts can control each other? Do you advice to create a shared Stripe/ account? What about the responsibility if one of us is suited? Any additional comment?

We would both enjoy getting some advices if one of you already tried this formula. I think it could be a path to success for a lot of guys blocked in their businesses (either PM or drop-shipping).

Remember that half of the money of a successful PM is financially (and morally) better than being a sucker in an office at La Défense (or almost anywhere else in the Western World tertiary sector)…

Thanks in advance !


Hi @Pierre-Louis_PM_G1

I haven’t had this experience yet, but I’d also like to do a project with another guy.

The brother I’d like to work with, I know him in real life. But as you said “trust does not preclude control”. We are aware of that. So, from my point of view, everyone should own 50% of the company. Let me explain with an example.

One control the “Funnel” and the other control the distribution of that product.

If one of them does something wrong like leaving with the money, the other can stop his part of the business to limit the damage.

My option is not the best, I know.

Business has an element of risk. Even more so when there are two of you.

I hope my answer will give you something to think about.

La bise.


That’s clever. For instance: one own the mailing part, the other own the funnel part.


Absolutely, that’s an option.

The idea is that you have a skill that your partner doesn’t have.

You need real leverage if a conflict arises, and vice versa.