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Hi brothers,

For someone who are searching best people with heart and soul, great weather and a strong mentality against western decadence, Serbia is your HOME.

Corporate income tax: 15%

Withholding Taxes

Dividends: 20%, Interest: 20%/25% (resident of a tax haven), Royalties: 20%/25% (resident of a tax haven)

Social Security Contributions Paid By Employers :

17.9% (pension disability insurance: 12%; health insurance: 5.15%; and unemployment contributions: 0.75%).

Serbia is a country where I spent a part of my time every year and where my family lives in different positions as Investors in real estate, Owners of companies and also as a Workers. This is why I have a great network there.

Here you can see a factory from my family located in Čačak.

The position of Serbia is one of the best in Europe. All the goods traffic must cross this country as it’s the shortest road to go to Western Europe. That’s why the country is always influenced between East and West. Almost 80% of exports are going for EU.

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia. This city has the biggest influence on all the Balkans. Serbia and Serbs as people are the best Russia’s partner in Europe above any other country on the continent. Why ?

Because Serbia did not had any conflict with Russia in history.

Putin is a star in Serbia and you can’t see that somewhere else in the planet.

The biggest orthodox church in the world outside of Russia is in Serbia. It’s my favorite building in Belgrade.

Serbia is the safest country in the world if we are looking statistics about crimes compared to the following fact : after USA, Serbia is the country in the world where we have the more arms per citizen. And one member of DBL can confirm that when he was in Zlatibor with me 😎.

About Belgrade, great city and so many connections with world. Direct flight for New York, Moscow or Abu Dhabi. This is the best airport in central Europe if we compare all the connections with Europeans cities.

You want to know more about this country ? You can watch all the video from Charles Cather who just received his Serbian passport after 10 years living in Serbia.

This passport looks like a gold passport as you can go to Russia, China, Cuba without visa.

About real estate, a good opportunity is to invest in Belgrade. This city is growing every day, and you must know the country has the fastest growth rate in Europe.

About investment, no contest in Europe, with Montenegro, Serbia is building the biggest infrastructure and the biggest real estate projects on the continent. There are no equivalent. One example is the new area in Belgrade called : “Belgrade Waterfront”.

The project

The reality in the making

Serbian women ? a video better than 1000 words

Why you will choose Serbia for expatriation ?

  • For the climate, and you can choose between mountains, lakes, rivers, big city or countryside. If you choose to live in Belgrade or Novi Sad, you will have a great weather better than Budapest for example. In December, November you can even wear a t-shirt as in march.

  • For women without hesitation

  • For lifestyle, the life in Serbia outside is incredible. It’s not possible to have a boring life in Serbia as people are so hot ! So friendly !!!

  • For food you can eat, here Chris tried everything for you. He did more than 40 videos about Serbia

  • For having 60% more buying power than you can have in Western Europe. Be careful, Belgrade is not a cheap city but cheap if we compare to Paris.

  • For the Serbian mentality about life, here you have the strongest people against all sort of dictatures. Serbia said fuck you to Ottoman empire, Austro-hungarian empire, Nazi empire, and USA in 1999. In 2020, they said fuck you to the Serbian president about a new lock-down. This is the free-est people I know on this planet.

  • For the economy growing there don’t forget every year we are between 5% and 6% about the GDP growth so this is why we can see so many car like this in Serbia

  • For his strategic position between East and West

  • Serbia are considered by Russians as brothers and sisters, and even European Union have to deal with it.

  • Serbia is a sovereign country as she has the strongest military power in Central Europe, her money the Dinar but you can buy apartment in Euro, Dollars and even in Bitcoin if you wish.

  • Taxes are correct

  • Serbia try to keep privacy about bank account opened, and you can even open a bank account in Serbia as a simple tourist !

  • Serbian language is wonderful, this language is spoken in Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Bosna. Even in some part in Macedonia.

  • For Serbian music

  • For Serbian culture. We have the best film-maker in the world in 21th century with Emir Kusturica, who is the best friend of Johnny Deeps and Diego Maradona for example.

Kusturica did a documentary on his brother Maradona, here a sample :

Some movies you can find in French and English.

Monica Bellucci learned the Serbian to do this movie

At 18min in the video she talks in French about Serbia and his relation with the Serbian film-maker

If we look Central and Eastern Europe culture, Serbia’s culture is the most powerful and the most famous European culture in the world after Russian’s culture.

  • Serbia is the most respected country and the most respected people in Balkans area and have strong support from Slovakia, Greece, Hungary now, Russia, Belarus, Slovenia, Spain, China and so much more.

  • Belgrade is an expat city with many entrepreneurs from East and Western Europe.

  • In Serbia, even in countryside, almost everybody between 15 years to 45 years old speak english

  • Serbia provides successful sportsmen and also women in the world as a factory. That’s why you can see so many stars from Serbia as Nikola Jokić, Bogdan Bogdanović in NBA, brothers Karabatić in handball, Matić at Manchester, Ivanović at Chelsea, Jović at Real Madrid. In Tennis as you know Novak Đoković but also Ana Ivanović for example. So it’s useless to say you Serbia is a sport nation.

nono Kusturica and Novak visiting a new village

You want to know more about the economy in Serbia ? I share you here the last episode of the Monaco Economic Board on Serbia In English here In French here

Marija, she’s my friend and she will welcome you to discover Belgrade and Serbia. I love her so be careful.


thank you very much for the time and love you gave to this topic ! your topic is pretty much complete but i still have some question about serbia.

  • what’s the position of Serbia about the modern civilitation like feminism,open border, racilist and that kind of thing ?

  • what do serbs think about French expatriate ?

  • what language is spoken beside serbian in Serbia ? is Serbian close to Russian language ?

  • since i use my car a lot do you know the price of gas and if serbian are good driver ?

thank again for the topic

best regards

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Very accurate, as usual. Thanks a ton @NikoMontenegro-G2, it will help me a lot. I’m looking forward to visit Belgrade.


Great work @NikoMontenegro-G2

Apparently the price of electricity in Serbia is one of the lowest in Europe, which could lead to some opportunities.

Serbs from Serbia, Serbska, Montenegro and Kosovo are tough and warm people, full of life

Glad that Arnaud Gouillon does such a great job among them too

Can’t wait to go back there and discover this crazy “Guča festival”

Thanks for sharing this

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Thank you Nikomontenegro!!!

About your first point = Patriarchal society with a good balance between modern confort and traditional value because of the great influence of Orthodox church in the country. You must know Serbia is more Orthodox than Russia for example : thanks to URSS who killed the spirituality for years.

Second point = Frenchies are number one in Serbia thanks to history and similarities with France. Also because we have many Serbs living in France

Third point = English, after Russian or German

Last point = Serbians best drivers in Europe with Montenegrin because of mountains. Just need to know, they love to drive fast, so be careful. Prices for gas, I’m going to ask my uncle because I don’t know if during the Covid prices are usuals.





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well with all that’s said, it look like Serbia is really great country, the patriarchal society is the big good point for me. i hope i’ll meet you when i will cross Serbia to go to Georgia.

thank for answering my questions.



Guča festival is crazy shit to do. About electricity I can confirm what you said. For a house with 70 m2 I spend 12 euros a month in summer with climatisation and two persons inside the house working like digital nomads. In winter it can be more expensive if the house or apartment are not well is isolated. These numbers are about Montenegro but in Serbia is a little cheaper.

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@NikoMontenegro-G2 Hi man,

Thank you for this topic.

My ancestors come from this country, my mom speak Serbian but i never been in Serbia.

I hope i will make money with the dbl and be able to visit Serbia and then install myself and my family.

Do you know if it’s easy to open a business in Serbia without the nationality and if we can have problems, i think about mafia, i know that they are powerfull in Serbia, but i don’t know if they practice racketeering.

Wainting for reading you


Topic added to the DBL World Map :+1:t2:


Hvala puno for your work bro.

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Hi @Nahoum-G4, before to choose to live in Serbia, you must explore a minimum the country as it’s not the same lifestyle everywhere. As a stranger you can open a business in Serbia. About mafia, if you don’t come on her market, mafia does not care about you. racket does not exist, this not like in Italy or Latvia for example where Russian’s mafia is going to racket as they did during the URSS time.

@NikoMontenegro-G2, thank you very much for your answer.

Yes, i planned to travel to Serbia with a good friend who have been 27 time in Serbia. And to contact my family.

It’s pretty reassuring, i keep my hope in my project.


Good. Many americans are coming to Serbia, so we need our diaspora also to return on this great land like you, don’t forget 17 Romans emperors was borned in Serbia… like Constantine the Great borned in Niš. Niš is the first european city created in history of all Europe. Come and live in Serbia is not an option, believe me. We must bring power back where the power was borned.


You teach me a lot of thing, thank you very much. Yes, this country deserve our strenght and our youth.


Hi guys !

I have been in Serbia for a few weeks and I can confirm that the is a nice country with nice people. Nothing tricky here and Belgrad is safe and very pleasant. I would say there are many cities in one. I live in Zemun which has nothing to do with Neo Belgrad, and Neo Belgrad has nothing to do with the modern Belgrad. According to me there are opportunities for investors… I think I will stay here for many months, taking my time to build my project for Russia.


You want to know more about the economy in Serbia ? I share you here the last episode of the Monaco Economic Board on Serbia In English here In French here


Hi Niko

I’ve just watched the DBL replay

Congrats for your live with Gauthier. You made your mark, credibility is what came out of your interview. Several relevant points, all along this forum topic as well as during the live. As I’m Orthodox, I particularly appreciated what you mentioned.

By the way, I wasn’t aware that Prince Petrovic from Montenegro was holding such a close relationship with France. Good thing you’re obviously working to increase it even more…

Though I’m mainly focusing on Russia at the moment. I might have a closer look at Montenegro, maybe by going there just to figure out, we never know, it seems like a crossroad of opportunities. All I know by now is I’m invited in Prijedor in Sberska and i’ll attend Guča Festival as soon as we can.

Слава Богу Брат

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