Search Business partner ( I prefer work in IRL with him, but it's not obliged )

Hi guys ! I want to learn / develop my business / develop my experience or contact (the most important for me), so…

I want to find a partner(s) for exchange about business (don’t precise theme, but just talk, make a contact and knowledge) and maybe in the future, we meet us !

If you want, contact me for more details, see you soon ! Keep working brooooo ! :muscle:

My city : Besançon / Morteau / Neuchâtel

My goal : Create contact in around and make financial independent for every

My Instagram : @tanguydv_ My telegram : @Tanguydv


specify your geographical area and / or your country of objective to find a person with the same vision as you.


My city: Montreal

My goal: Tokyo

good luck for your research


Hey Tanguy!

nice to read you !

What is your business?

I’m looking for contactto develop my business : leather clothing brand , sur mesure …! insta : @seth art leather living concept

keep in touch

Jean Marc