Sean, Young student

Hello guys

My name is Sean, i have 19 years ago and living in Île-de-France. I’m a student for a BTS NDRC and i work in brokerage firm for buy m’y studies. I joint the DBL community, because, this is a solution for many problems. In first, DBL is a brotherhood of mens serious and pragmatics. And for me, the immigration in Eastern Europe is a good possibility for make golfs business and make more money.

Currently. I learn the others languages like: English and Russian for the expatriation and the trade.

Shorts goals:

1 Followed the morning routine all time.

2 Studying, a time for day, a other language during 15 mins.

3 Apply the videos of mister JM Corda in all

Long goals:

1 Develop a business

2 Quit The France for a east country

3 Help the others members of community if difficulties and if it m’y qualification

Until next time.



Before posting

Welcome Sean.

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