Savinien_G5 - 38 - Entrepreneur/Business Angel/Real Estate Investor

Hello to all,

My name is Savinien, 38 years old, a wife, two young children. Living near Lyon in France at the moment, in the country side (not so “Mordored” yet).

I do ecommerce (physical products, but not dropshipping). I am part of a business angel group oriented in new tech and disruptive areas. I have a real estate in Germany. and in France I do, at small level, agricultural investment, but it works great.

I follow JM since Nomad Patriot, very inspired by his intransigence in life (I owe him a part of the level I achieved until now) and by his accomplishements in business and in building this community I am thrilled to now be part of.

I am here to improve in business (to triple the turnover in 2 years) in particular through learning discipline. I am also here to get help to maybe begin a new business fully online (not physical, or dropshipping then). But more than that I enter the community to meet good people, to have new brothers, and also to explore different expatriation options (with my wife and children we could be moving to Eastern Europe in the next months, and I will do in August a 3-weeks trip in Romania, Bulgaria and Montengro).

Happy to be here,

With respect,