[SATOSHI] What should I do with a small wallet?

Hey bros,

I have join the Satoshi channel yesterday and put 250€ on my binance wallet.

I started the repartition with the cryptos I could buy, some were at like 2% and I couldn’t buy them because I was under the threshold but because they are small cryptos I let it be.

The problem is that after my repartition I couldn’t follow the last signal telling to by some percentage of USDC with my BTC because it was to small.


So here is my question, should I re do my repartition every day if I can’t follow the signal of the day or should I just keep my initial repartition and just follow the signals that I can ?

Hope I was clear, I’m a total newbie to this, thanks.


I think 250€ is just to small with the satoshi portfolio since they’re many cryptos :wink:

I personnaly began with 1.4k€ :slight_smile:

I think AND that’s only MY ADVICE, to simply all-in in one or two coin in the satoshi channel :slight_smile:

Or to all-in in ALTCOIN like DENT(recommended by me), VENT, QUANT, etc… :slight_smile:

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  • add more money
  • don’t follow the signals concerning the cryptos you can’t buy

Choice is yours


Thanks for answering brother,

So if the signals say you should have 23% BTC and 18% USDC, I need to have 56% of my wallet in BTC and the rest in USDC (if that’s the 2 coin I choose), and if the signals is like buying 3% of USCD and I can’t because it’s too low, I just wait for the following day to re-do my repartition with the 2 coins ?

Other question, when you buy/sell do you have transaction costs and are they negligeable so I could care less of the number of transactions I make ?

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-Yes but I would advise against investing in stablecoins aka USDC

-If it’s too low, it’s too low just add more money

Use google, and type “binance fees” and see for yourself if it’s negligable or not, doing your own research for simple things is what enabled me to make money on the internet :wink:

Alright, thanks for the advices brother.

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