Satoshi Chanel Automated Rebalancing Spreadsheet

Hi brothers,

To begin thanks to the Satoshi Channel’s team.

Next, to save time and make more money with Satoshi Chanel. I have creat a spreadsheet.

First saving time, on rebalancing your portfolio on Binance:

The sheet can automatically download the current amount of crypto you have on your Binance account: “Spot”. Giving you the amount to buy and sell for each crypto to rebalance.

Second making more money, in allowing you to invest in paid wallet. And still follow Satoshi Channel Balance.

You can download it here:

First use guide

You need to go to your Binance account. (It only works for Binance and you need Excel to run the sheet)

On your profile, you selection “Gestion API”


You create a new API, with whatever name, Iike “InfoCompte” API creation

You wrote the two keys. Especially, the secret one, which will appear only one time. (If, you don’t have written it down, delete your API and create a new one.)

In the settings, you will disable the trading authorization “Activer le trading au comptant et sur marge” And only allow the reading “Permettre la lecture”.

That way even if someone gets your API (which will be copied in the Excel file), he can only watch what you have in your account and don’t do any harm.

Paste those two keys in the yellow cases in Excel:


After that you only have to click on “Importer les données de Binance”

Rebalancing (Saving Time)

1.You click on "Importer les données de Binance.

2.You write the % given by the canal.

% du canal

3.The sheet tells you which amount you have to buy/sell to rebalance the portfolio. You just have to be careful to be sure if you have to sell or buy.

Montant à acheter vendre (en BTC)

i.e: If you have 27,02% ETH and the canal said 30% on balance. You need to buy ETH against BTC. But in the case of USDC If you have the same 27% USDC, and the canal says you need 30% that means that you need to sell BTC against USDC .
So take the time to not make mistakes.

You can click again on “Importer less données”. To check the % of each token, even those which are in “others” on the Binance balance.


Using Paid Wallet (Making More Money)

To make more money you can put part of your crypto into paid Wallet.

I am putting half of my BTC ; ETH and USDC into such a wallet. Because we will always have a part of your portfolio into those cryptos. So if I am ready to keep those cryptos, I will put them to work.

I am mainly using Celsius. It is Tugan which had presented it in an RX as a passive income. And it is one of the really seldom wallet to pay for the USDC crypto. And it pays really well :

The new user gets 40$ the first month after a deposit of 400$.

You can start using it here :

(affiliate link approved by @Silvio )

If I have helped you please use my affiliate link. Especially, because you will earn 40$ in the process.

When you download the app on your smartphone, you have to enter this affiliate code : 1144536514

If you want an explanation on the landing process of Celsius, you can watch This Video

How to put crypto in Celsius

Before doing a deposit, remember to activate your promotional code NEW40 :

There are 2 ways to send crypto, you can either using:

  • Blockchain network (fix fees of ~20$ (could vary))
  • Or directly buy crypto into Celsius account (0,5% + network fee + bad change rate)

You better have to buy the crypto in Binance and send it here afterward.

If you still want to use Blockchain network, you have to be careful.

Follow this:

  1. On your Binance account: Withdraw

  2. Address Management:

  3. Add Withdrawal Address :

  1. Fill address:

On Celsius you get an addressed like this :

And there is a warning to use native Network:

Which for USDC = ERC20 ; BTC = BTC ; ETH =ERC20

  1. On binance select the right network
How to follow Satoshi Signals using the sheet

Now, you have your crypto spread into multiple wallets. That means that your Binance spot account is not representative of your global portfolio anymore.

You have to use the sheet to follow the Satoshi Signals, corresponding to your global portfolio.

You first have to write on the tab “Autres Crypto”, how much crypto you have on others wallet :

Your total amount of crypto will be updated according to those data.

When you want to follow a signal of Satoshi Chanel you use this part of the sheet:

Calcul ordre du canal

You have to carefully fill the sheet according to the channel signal, as in those examples:

You see that sometimes, you sell the opposite of the signal, it is because in the sheet we take the point of view of the “crypto de départ” which is buy/sell by a percentage.

You should be really cautious, it is easy to make a mistake on this part of the process.

You have to press the button “Calcul”, and the sheet tells you which amount to buy/sell

(The tutorial on how to follow signal is repeated in the sheet, to have easy access to the information)

Again, if I have helped you, please use my affiliate code: 1144536514

(affiliate link approved by @Silvio )

That way you earn money and reward me.

On PC, sometimes the sheet doesn’t work, because of a new Microsoft software, you can download an old version here: Download Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 from Official Microsoft Download Center

This old version will come in addition to your new one and you will lose nothing.

That allow the sheet to work properly.


Hi thank’s for your topic , when I try to connect my api key they whrite " mémoire insuffisante " . What can I do ?


Hi Cedric, and thanks for this contribution. When I try to download the doc it doesn’t work (failure-error when downloading) What do you think is the reason?

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Even with opéra and a VPN I can download it, so I don’t see why you cann’t.

Maybe try to change your navigator.



Thank you for having brought that to my attention.

For everyone else, we have resolve the errors. That may concern a lot of people.

On PC, sometimes the sheet doesn’t work, because of a new Microsoft software, you can download an old version here: Download Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 from Official Microsoft Download Center

That allows the sheet to work properly.


Good morning, I see that on the forum many members have difficulties with the satoshi channel.

To simplify all this why not use an automated trading system with an api key that is available on all exchanges?

With this system the client would have nothing to do, all trades would be done automatically and directly by the trader. In addition, this system would offer increased flexibility as trades would be made 24 hours a day and not just once a day.

All this while keeping the cryptos on the client’s account and in complete security.


Hi bro, when I click on “Importer données de” that message comes out :


What I am supposed to do ?



Thank you for your question.

For everyone else, there was no issue with the sheet just a mistake in filling it.


Hi tlm,

I'm not a crypto boss but maybe there are RIF, BEL and BAR of quite a bit to place now (let it go down a bit more maybe), study the curves a bit and see, I just say my impression.

Give me a feedback even if I said something bad, it will help me a little.

There was a big fight on MATIC too (polygon)

Have a nice evening

Update 19/05

I think now after looking bitcoin falling, BEL & Rif are not so good, there are not many volumes.

It's the time to put your money everywhre and hold now i think - multiplications. we will see what bitcoin do

21/05 - i ve all save in usdt the market is mad lol

Guys verify your cryptos and your stop loss

Bitcoin again fall that is anormal to stop at 36k, it will maybe fall more, be careful.

Have a nice day