Samourai division is recruiting

Hello everyone! I am announcing the opening of a new working group like the Sparta division which I managed to get in but only lasted 2 days like another one of my colleagues? Why are you telling me?

Lack of financial power. Indeed I was replaced with my colleague by two other members who were much more financially comfortable and who already had their own businesses, unlike us. It has been hard but I fully accept the decision and I totally agree with it. Indeed, joining a working group is not an easy thing to do, let alone stay there (I learned this at my own expense). This is why after this half failure, I did not give up and decided to create a division of labour in order to take revenge on myself and finally take action. The concept: recruit all the failed members of the Sparta division or of other groups to make Samurai, hence the name of the division. Indeed the Samurai when they faced a failure had to fight to the death in order to recover their honour, the most important thing in the Bushido code.

The purpose of this division is to give a second chance to those who had the guts to apply and to give them an opportunity to express their full potential through the group by :

Discipline i.e. going from recruit to war machine through iron discipline.

Work and community self-help (DBL value) i.e. pulling together to accumulate success and become better.

Organisation of the group :

In the morning: group call at 6.30 am. 5 min. One after the other, one after the other, we commit ourselves to our goals for the day, 1 min max. This way, every day sur will have no choice but to wake up and get off their asses!

In the evening: group call at 9pm just before going to bed. 5/10 min. We report on what we have achieved during the day, 1 min max. This way, every day we will be pushed to really work, to create value and to become better.

At the weekend: a group call in the afternoon on Saturday to present our work to the other members of the group who will be able to bring a constructive and positive criticism, but also to offer their help on our work. And on Sunday a debriefing of our objectives for the week before the live at 3pm.

If you think you have the potential to join the division to become the best version of yourself you are welcome to join us and we will be delighted to welcome you. But hurry up there are only 2 places left.

To apply contact me by private message, I will give you my phone number so that I can add you to Telegram.